Isekai De Seikishi No Hakooshi Shitetara Toutomi Ga Sugite Seijo Ni Natteta Chapter 18.3
Fantasy Romance Historical

<p>大国アハト・オーアイン。時の『聖女』であるミレーナは、歴代でも類を見ない圧倒的な魔力でその名を広く知られていた。しかしてその実態は、前世ドルオタのOL!!<br> ミレーナは聖騎士トップに君臨する3名を『箱推し』し、彼らへの並外れた愛によってその地位に上り詰めたのである。<br> そんなチート級聖女ミレーナの、尊い推し活の日々が幕を開ける!</p>

Nobunaga Kouteiki – Oda-San Chi No Hachi Otoko Desu Chapter 9
Slice of Life Seinen Historical

<p><span style="vertical-align: inherit;"><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">When I woke up in the bathroom in the morning, I hit my head with a lightheadedness … </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">When I noticed, it was during the Warring States period !? It’s okay to be reincarnated as the eighth son of Oda Nobuhide, the warlord of Owari Province, and Nobunaga’s younger brother, the beautiful boy, and the prestigious Kirokuro. Almost none. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">He is not interested in the world or the war, but he wants to secure a comfortable life …! </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">The Sengoku heartwarming slow life story that gained popularity in “Become a Novelist” is here! </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">In the age of fifty years of life, aim for a 100-year-old Ojo!</span></span></p>

Mujikaku Seijo Wa Kyou Mo Muishiki Ni Chikara Wo Tare Nagasu Chapter 6
Romance Slice of Life Historical


Ibitte Konai Gibo To Gishi Raw Chapter 8
Comedy Slice of Life Josei Historical

<p>とある名家の庶子である私は、母の死をきっかけに本家に引き取られることになりました。<br> そこで待ち受けていたのは恐ろしい義母と義姉のはずが——!?</p><p>SNSで話題の今いちばん見守りたい、心あたたかな家族のお話を連載化!</p><p>◆おつじ先生Twitterアカウントはこちら<br> @otj024</p><hr><p>Miya is the illegitimate child of a prominent family. When her mother dies and her father’s estate agrees to take her in, she’s convinced she knows what awaits her in her new home: a life of servitude and misery at the hands of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Yet when she finally meets the women she expects to treat her like dirt, they actually end up being…sweet?! A hilarious and heartfelt comedy that’s sure to put a smile on your face!</p>

Akuyaku Reijou? Iie, Gokuaku Reijou Desu Wa ~Seizon Ruuto Mezashitara Naze Ka Seijo Ni Natte Shimai-Souna Kudan~ Chapter 32.2
Adventure Fantasy Romance School Life Seinen Historical

<p class="subtitle">乙女ゲーム?攻略対象?知らないですわ!</p><p>陰で“極悪令嬢”と恐れられる侯爵令嬢・ローザリアは、とある事情から侯爵邸の敷地内だけで生きていた。16歳のある日、彼女は庭に迷い込んでいた赤髪の騎士・カディオに恋をする。実は、カディオは転生者であり、この世界は“乙女ゲーム”の中の世界なのだが…。そんな設定つゆ知らずなローザリアは、攻略対象を次々と籠絡していく。転生者なのに自分が乙女ゲームの攻略対象だと気付いていない騎士と、そんな彼に出会って変わり始める悪役令嬢――。シナリオ通り動かないローザリア達を邪魔に思うもう一人の転生者、正ヒロイン・ルーティエも現れて…?乙女ゲームを知らない“無自覚”悪役令嬢、爆誕!</p><hr><p>Rosalia, a Marquis’ daughter, for some reason only lived within the premises of the Marquis’ residence. One day when she was sixteen, she fell in love with a red headed knight who wandered into the garden by accident. It was at that moment the powerful Marquis’ daughter felt something trigger― A knight who is a reincarnator, but doesn’t realize that he’s a capture target in an otome game and the main villainess, who began to change once she met the knight.</p><p>The heroine who has been reborn with the knowledge of the game would be the fall of Rosalia, however, it does not go through according to the scenario…</p><p>“What are you?! You’re the villainess, aren’t you?”</p><p>“Villain? You think you could play such an outrageous role? I am a genuine villainess.”</p>

Kingdom Chapter 738
Action Mature Seinen Drama Historical

<p>時は紀元前――。いまだ一度も統一されたことのない中国大陸は、500年の大戦争時代。苛烈な戦乱の世に生きる少年・信は、自らの腕で天下に名を成すことを目指す!!2013年、第17回手塚治虫文化賞マンガ大賞受賞!</p><hr><p>Millions of years have passed since the times of legends, when the worlds of man and gods were still the same. In these times it was the desires of man that moved the world. It is the era of the 500 year war: The warring states period. Kingdom is the story of a young boy named Shin who grew into a great general and all the trials and bloodshed that lead him there.</p>

Manshuu Ahen Squad Chapter 113
Action Mature Seinen Mystery Historical Tragedy Psychological

<p>「満州で一番軽いものは、人の命だ」――。時は昭和12年。関東軍の兵士として満州にやってきた日方勇は、戦地で右目の視力を失ってしまう。「使えない兵隊」として軍の食糧を作る農業義勇軍に回され、上官に虐げられる日々を送るも、ある日農場の片隅で麻薬“阿片(アヘン)”の原料であるケシが栽培されていることに気づく。病気の母を救うため阿片の製造に手を染める勇だったが、その決断が自身の、そして満州の運命を狂わせていく…。</p><hr><p>A Japanese soldier in Manchuria meddling in the opium trade.</p>

Konyaku Hakisare-Ka Wo Owareta Shoujo No Te Wo Tori, Tensai Majutsushi Wa Yuuga Ni Hizamazuku Chapter 9.1
Fantasy Romance Josei Historical

<p>魔術師の家系で魔法が使えない落ちこぼれのイリス。婚約者を妹に奪われ家を追われた彼女は、とある家で侍女として働くことに。 「落ちこぼれとして生きるより、侍女として穏やかに生きる方が幸せだわ」 そう思って侍女生活を満喫し出したイリスは、なぜか主人である超絶美形の天才魔術師に、気に入られてしまい…!?</p><hr><p>A drop-out Iris who can’t use magic in the magician’s family. Her fiancé was robbed by her sister and she was ousted from her house, and she decided to work as her maid at a certain house. Iris, who enjoyed her life as a maid, thought that “it’s happier to live calmly as a maid than to live as a dropout”, and for some reason she liked her master, a transcendental genius magician. I got lost …!?</p>

Souei Sousho Raw Chapter 6
Fantasy Shounen Historical

<p>遊郭にて乞食をして暮らす少年・宵(しょう)はある日突然、皇宮に身請けされることに。 その理由は、皇子の盾となる「影武者」に抜擢されたため。 陰謀が渦巻く皇宮にて、宵は皇子を護れるのか――!? 顔が瓜二つの少年2人が出会い、歴史は大きく動き始める!! ◆作者コメント 初・週刊連載で緊張ですが頑張ります!癒やしになれたら嬉しいです。</p>

Mao Chapter 163
Adventure Shounen School Life Horror Supernatural Historical

<p>The story is set in a “land where two worlds intersect,” and it centers on “a strange romance between a boy and girl who meet by fate.”</p>

Watashi No Okasama Wa Tsuiho Sareta Moto Akuyaku Reijou Deshita Heimin Busu Megane No Gekokujou Raw Chapter 6.2
Fantasy Romance Historical Tragedy Shoujo

<p>決して正体を知られてはいけない。その目もその髪も、母や王国の人々を不快にさせるものだから…。</p><p>15歳の少女アシュリーの母は、かつて悪役令嬢と呼ばれ、追放される途中にさらわれた過去があった。<br> アシュリーはさらわれた末に身ごもった子で、目の色と髪の色が、母親をさらった男と同じなのだという。<br> 魔法の力でブサイクになるメガネとカチューシャを着けたアシュリーは、ブスメガネと呼ばれ、友達を作ることも出来ず孤独な学園生活を送っていた…。<br> しかし、不思議な生き物と出会い、王太子殿下に気に入られてしまい…?</p><p>これは悪役令嬢を母に持つ娘が幸せを手に入れるまでの物語。</p><hr><p>“Your identity must never be revealed. Your eyes and your hair would inconvenience both your mother and the people of the kingdom…”</p><p>The mother of Ashley, who is a fifteen-year-old girl, was called a villainess, got prosecuted, and then kidnapped. As result, she has conceived a child, Ashley, who was later told that she shared the same eye and hair color as the man who had kidnapped her mother. She wears glasses and an Alice band that use the power of magic to make her look disagreeable in others’ eyes, and thus gets called an “ugly four-eyes.” Unable to make any friends, Ashley used to lead an academy life of loneliness and solitude…</p><p>However, after her encounter with a mysterious creature, the crown prince grows interested in her…?</p>

Hardboiled Matatabi Bebop Chapter 7
Seinen Historical


Yuukoku No Moriarty Chapter 75
Shounen Drama Mystery Historical Psychological

<p>時は19世紀末、大英帝国最盛期のロンドン──。 この国に根付く階級制度に辟易するモリアーティ伯爵家長子・アルバート。孤児院から引き取ったある兄弟との出会いによって、世界を浄化するための壮大な計画が動き出す。名探偵シャーロック・ホームズの宿敵、モリアーティ教授の語られざる物語の幕が開く──!!</p><hr><p>In the late 19th century, Great Britain rules over a quarter of the world. Nobles sit in their fancy homes in comfort and luxury, while the working class slaves away at their jobs. When young Albert James Moriarty’s upper-class family adopts two lower-class orphans, the cruelty the boys experience at his family’s hands cements Albert’s hatred of the nobility he was born into. He asks the older of the two boys—who has a genius mind and a killer instinct—to help him rid the world of evil, starting with Albert’s own family!</p>

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan: Hokkaidou Hen Chapter 48
Action Comedy Romance Shounen Drama Martial Arts Historical

<p>明治十六年。剣心が不殺を誓った流浪人として東京に流れ着いて5年。神谷道場に、剣心の宿敵・志々雄の遺刀「無限刃」を継ぐ青年・明日郎と、白人との混血児・阿爛、更に謎の女・旭を道場に迎え、かくも平穏な日々を過ごしていた。<br> そんな中、西南戦争で死んだはずの薫の父・越路郎が北海道・函館で生きていることが判明。剣心と薫は越路郎を迎えに函館に行く事を決める。</p><p>&nbsp;</p><div class="slide2"><p> 剣心たちが小樽での激戦を終え、函館に帰還する1週間前。劍客兵器の実検戦闘を阻止するため、小樽と札幌を手分けして対処しようと、剣心たちが小樽へ向かうのと同時に札幌へと向かった斎藤と永倉、三島の三人。</p><p>札幌での実検戦闘はすでに始まっているようで、数日の間に官僚とその付き人が相次いで暗殺され、その現場には劍客兵器部隊将の署名が残されているのだという。<br> さっそく札幌で地元警察の捜査に加わる斎藤と永倉。二人は、狙われている官僚の中から一人囮役を用意してもらい、二人で護衛に着き、現れる劍客兵器を返り討ちにし捕らえる作戦を立案。囮となる役人の用意を頼むのだった。</p><p>伝説の新撰組の二人の参加に、若い警官隊たちは全面協力する姿勢を見せるも、作戦指揮をする元・維新志士の上官・伊知川には面白くない状況に。しかし、伊知川はそんな煙たい二人に押し付けるのに最適の役人を囮役としてあてがうことを思いつき―――!?</p><hr></div><p>It is the 16th year of the Meiji era. Five years have passed since Kenshin Himura stopped the uprising of Makoto Shishio. Though the flames of his budding revolution were extinguished, the scars left in its wake are still felt across Japan. Remnants of his group—though scattered—still exist. Some have found peace while others continue to fight.<br> After a remaining faction tried to revive the revolution, Shishio’s old sword fell into the hands of Ashitarou Hasegawa, an orphan boy who has never known a home. The conflict also leaves both Aran Inoue, a 16-year-old half-Japanese, half-American boy, and a mercenary girl named Asahi Kubota with a hefty price to pay off, with nowhere else to go. But luckily for these individuals, the Kamiya dojo has always been a place to accept wanderers without prying into their pasts.<br> The three are keen to start fresh, so when two members of Asahi’s former clan show up demanding her return, Asahi refuses and things start to get ugly. In the midst of the chaos, the clan members drop a package containing a picture of dojo proprieter Kaoru Kamiya’s presumably deceased father and his location—Hakodate, Hokkaido. With only this information, the members of the Kamiya dojo embark on an adventure across the sea in the hopes of finding news about Kaoru’s father and the reason he is being targeted.</p>

Archimedes No Taisen Chapter 335
School Life Seinen Drama Historical Psychological

<div class="min-w-0" data-v-f3446d4a=""><div class="readmore" data-v-f4058476="" data-v-0a05e638="" data-v-f3446d4a=""><div data-v-f4058476=""><div class="py-2 text-sm !py-0" data-v-0a05e638="" data-v-f4058476=""><div class="md-md-container"><p>In 1932, before war breaks out in the Pacific, Japan’s relations with Europe and America hits an all-time low after having just seized Manchuria and founding Manchukuo. An air of dread once again envelops the world. In 1933, the great event that will shape Japan’s fate is being planned in the offices of the Imperial Japanese Navy.</p><p>In the shadows of history, a lone mathematical genius puts his life on the line and wages his own war for the sake of Japan. [ANN]</p></div></div></div></div></div><div class="min-w-0" data-v-f3446d4a=""><div class="flex gap-6 items-start mb-6" data-v-300f1571="" data-v-0a05e638=""><div id="6f5eb661-f25e-4040-ac64-a86984008cb6" class="flex flex-wrap gap-x-4 gap-y-2 hidden xl:flex" data-v-6686d08d="" data-v-300f1571=""><div class="" data-v-6686d08d=""></div></div></div></div>

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto – Maomao No Koukyuu Nazotoki Techou Chapter 60.2
Romance Slice of Life Seinen Drama Mystery Historical

<p>宮中に名探偵誕生!?<br> “小説家になろう”発のヒーロー文庫の大人気タイトル「薬屋のひとりごと」をコミカライズ!<br> 中世の宮中で下働きをする少女・猫猫(マオマオ)。花街で薬師をやっていた彼女が、帝の御子たちが皆短命であるこという噂を聞いてしまったところから、物語は動き始める。<br> 持ち前の好奇心と知識欲に突き動かされ、興味本位でその原因を調べ始める元薬屋の少女・猫猫(マオマオ)の好奇心が、宮中を動かす──…!?</p><hr><p>In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman doctor/pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor’s children’s lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young doctor/pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is shifting in the imperial court..!?</p>

Tensei Kizoku No Isekai Boukenroku ~Jichou Wo Shiranai Kamigami No Shito~ Chapter 47
Adventure Fantasy Action Harem Romance Shounen Historical

<p>通り魔から少女をかばい死んでしまった椎名和也は、貴族の三男カイン・フォン・シルフォードとして、夢にまで見た剣と魔法の世界に転生した。この世界の慣習にならい五歳の誕生日を迎え洗礼を受け、神々の加護を受けたカインだったが、そこで与えられたのは多大過ぎる神々の加護と、もはや規格外とも呼べるステータスで…!?</p><hr><p>Shiina Kazuya, our protagonist who got killed by a stranger when he tried to protect his childhood friend and little sister, reincarnated into Cain Von Silford as the third son in the world of sword and magic.<br> Cain grew up being surrounded by Gods who don’t know self-esteem, the upper noble and the girls who are swayed around him.<br> Being given so much protection from the gods, he overcame any obstacle (aka Flags) while hiding his unbelievable status. The noble path fantasy story of a young boy who is wicked and clumsy from time to time.</p>

Osaka Madam, Koukyuu-Hi Ni Naru! Chapter 27
Fantasy Comedy Romance Seinen Historical

<p>カーネル・サンダースの代わりに道頓堀に落ちて死んだアラサー女子が、凰朔国の豪商令嬢に転生!<br> 後宮に送り込まれ多くの妃嬪候補たちと共に花嫁修業を始めた彼女が、大阪魂と力業で後宮を変えていく……<br> 異色の転生×後宮×コメディ、全力コミカライズ!</p><hr><p>Renka (Lianhua), a merchant’s daughter, possesses memories of her previous life. Born and raised in Osaka, she has now reincarnated into a world that closely resembles ancient China. Forced by her father. she enters into the imperial harem to undergo bridal training along with many other concubine candidates. However, troubles assail her one after another, as there are instances where she reverts to her Osaka dialect and is looked down on by upstart concubines overall. Driven by her strong merchant’s spirit, she vows in her heart to survive in the imperial harem through commerce rather than her status as a concubine. One day, a single man visits her chambers. Naturally, the only man capable of entering is the emperor himself. He hands her a single order, which is to cooperate with him in stopping the empress dowager from obtaining political power.</p>

Tensei! Takenaka Hanbee Mainaa Bushou Ni Tensei Shita Nakama-Tachi To Sengoku Ranse O Ikinuku Chapter 29.1
Fantasy Comedy Slice of Life Supernatural Historical

<p>現代知識と転生者同士のチャットを駆使して戦国時代を攻略する!</p><hr><p>Capture the Warring States period by making full use of modern knowledge and chat between reincarnated people!</p>

The Engagement Of Marielle Clarac Chapter 34.1
Comedy Romance Josei Historical

<p>「腹黒系眼鏡美形、大好物ですありがとう!!」<br> 地味で目立たない子爵家令嬢マリエルの婚約者として名乗りを上げたのは、なんと令嬢たちの憧れの的、近衛騎士団副団長のシメオンだった!ねたみと嘲笑を浴びせる世間をよそに、マリエルは幸せ満喫中!?<br> 「一迅社アイリスNEO」で話題の婚約者とその周りにひそかに萌える令嬢の物語、スタート!!</p><hr><p>Plain and inconspicuous, she was high society’s unattractive wallflower. Even so, Marielle was proposed to. Moreover, her fiance is Sir Simeon, the popular knight of the Imperial Guard! Why is he with someone like her? No matter how much she was envied and scorned, Marielle was happy. Well, because his appearance was that of a calm, two-faced Adonis!</p>

Dororo And Hyakkimaru Chapter 47
Adventure Fantasy Action Shounen Drama Supernatural Historical

<div class="row m-0 py-1 px-0 border-top"><div class="col-lg-9 col-xl-10"><p>Daigo Kagemitsu, who works for a Samurai general in Japan’s Warring States period, promises to offer 48 body parts of his unborn baby to 48 devils in exchange for complete domination of the country. When the baby boy is born, Daigo has him thrown into a river, hoping the boy will die. A kind sage, however, finds him and adopts him. The sage fits out his poor son with prosthetics.</p><p>Time goes by and the baby grows into a boy who calls himself Hyakkimaru. Everytime Hyakkimaru eliminates a devil, he retrieves one of his missing body parts. Hyakkimaru meets a boy thief named Dororo and together they travel the countryside in search of the devils who possess Hyakkimaru’s parts. Throughout their travels, they face monsters and ghosts.</p></div></div><div class="row m-0 py-1 px-0 border-top"></div>

Odayaka Kizoku No Kyuuka No Susume Chapter 37.1
Adventure Fantasy Slice of Life Historical Shounen Ai

<p>ファンタジーな世界で宰相として活躍していた青年リゼル。<br> 彼はある日突然、更に別の異世界へと転移してしまう。</p><p>だが、彼は持ち前の頭脳と、人たらしな話術を活かして、<br> 上級冒険者ジルを相棒にし、自らも冒険者として華麗に転身。<br> 元の世界に戻れるかも解らないのに、「休暇だと思って楽しみます」と<br> 軽いノリで口ずさみ、異世界生活を存分に満喫していく。</p><p>有閑貴族の異世界まったり冒険ファンタジー!</p><hr><p>This is a story about a young man named Lizel, the prime minister in a fantasy world who is suddenly transferred to another world. However, with his brains and his unique speech, he partners with a man named Jill and becomes a brilliant adventurer.</p><p>Though he doesn’t know whether he can return to his own world, Rizel will ‘think of this as a vacation to enjoy another world’s life’. The laidback adventures of a leisurely aristocrat!</p>

Yuukiarumono Yori Chire Chapter 33
Seinen Drama Supernatural Historical

<p>明治7年、新しい時代に移りゆく東京で元・会津藩士である鬼生田春安は、死に場所を求め大久保利通の暗殺計画に手を貸すが、大久保の護衛で不死の少女・シノと斬り合い致命傷を受ける。今度こそ死ねると思った春安だったが、シノに助けられ、ある願いを叶える手伝いを命じられる。その願いとは「不死の母を殺す」ことだった―。 不死の少女と死に損ないの元・武士が命を燃やす、明治浪漫譚!</p>

Koukyu No Zatsuyouki Chapter 13
Fantasy Action Romance Slice of Life Supernatural Historical

<p>後宮の宮女としてスカウトされた山育ちの少女・小恋は、宮廷生活の初日にとある理由から何と第一妃を平手で張り倒してしまう! そのせいで宮女から下女まで降格されるが、山育ちで培った知恵と能力を使って後宮の問題を解決していく。やがてその活躍は皇帝の耳にも届くようになり……。</p><hr><p>Shaoran (Xiaolian) is an orphaned girl who lives alone in the mountains at the very nook of an impoverished village. One day, an envoy from the palace arrives and scouts her to to be a lady-in-waiting for the imperial harem. This was how a wild girl raised on the mountains was able to live in a luxurious palace working as a lady-in-waiting, however…</p><p>On her first day (due to various reasons), Shaoran had suddenly become a criminal after slapping one of the consorts.</p><p>Though execution appeared certain, she was specially pardoned and demoted from a lady-in-waiting to a maidservant in charge of odd jobs. She is ridiculed by the other consorts as the, “Princess of Odd Jobs,” however, this is where her rapid advance begins. She implements reforms to the worn-down palace and optimizes her chores through the knowledge she learned from her life of living in poverty, earning the gaze of the other ladies-in-waiting and the imperial consorts alike. Continuing these course of events, Shaoran’s name spreads through the imperial palace, reaching even the emperor’s ears…</p>

Forlorn Hope – Keishichou Battoutai Senki Raw Chapter 1
Action Seinen Historical


Morpheus Road Raw Chapter 5
Fantasy Action Seinen Historical

Akai Hitomi No Victoria – Otome Sensou Gaiden I Raw Chapter 5
Action Mature Seinen Adult Historical Tragedy

<p>Akai Hitomi no Victoria – Otome Sensou Gaiden I</p>

Shin Sakura Taisen The Comic Raw Chapter 31
Action Comedy Harem Romance Sci-fi Seinen Supernatural Historical

<p>太正二十九年、帝都・東京。<br> 十年前の「降魔大戦」にて世界各国の華撃団と協力し、<br> 平和をもたらした「帝国華撃団・花組」。<br> その中心人物である真宮寺さくらに憧れる少女・天宮さくら。<br> 彼女を待ち受ける、帝都の現状とは…?<br> 超ヒット&話題作のリブートを独占コミカライズ!</p><hr><p>19th year of the Taisho era, Tokyo, Japan.<br> The<br> “Imperial Flower Squad, Hana-gumi”&nbsp;,&nbsp;which brought about peace in&nbsp;cooperation with flower squads all over the world in the “Demon War” ten years ago&nbsp;.<br> Amamiya Sakura is a girl who longs for the central character, Sakura Shinguji.<br> What is the current state of the Imperial City that awaits her?<br> Exclusive comicalization of reboot of super hit &amp; hot work!</p>

Kamisama No Youjinbou Raw Chapter 1
Fantasy Shounen Supernatural Historical

<p>「そんなことでは立派なうさぎにはなれん!」 元武士がうさぎに転生するために神社で修行――?</p><p>明治初期、箱館戦争で死んだはずの元武士は見知らぬ神社で目を覚ます。そこには小さいモコモコの自称・神様の少年がいて、身に覚えのない「うさぎに転生する」という願いを叶えるために修業が必要だと言ってきて――? 元武士と小さな神様の和風あやかし奇話、開幕!</p>

Kagitsuki No Alter Raw Chapter 9
Action Shounen Drama Historical

<p>その夜、彼の国が滅んだ──。16世紀初頭。コーカサス地方の小国・ミュチャイトレル。その王には双子がいた。利発な姫グルジアと、気弱な王子アゼル。二人は希望に満ちた日々を送っていた。しかし、平穏は突然終わりを迎える。オスマン帝国による奇襲──! すべてを奪われたその夜から、運命の子供達による復讐劇が始まった!!</p><hr><p>In the 16th century, the king of a small kingdom in the Caucasus region was blessed with twins – the clever princess Georgia and the weak prince Azel. However, their peace is broken when the Ottoman Empire attacks! After the night when everything was lost, a tale of vengeance begins!</p>