Iki Okure Seijo No Shiawase – Konyaku Hakisareta To Omottara Mazoku No Ouji-Sama Ni Dekiaisaretemasu! Chapter 10.2
Fantasy Romance Josei

<div class="detail-ex__main"><div class="detail-ex__txt-box"><div class="detail-ex__txt"><div class="detail-ex__main"><div class="detail-ex__txt-box"><div class="detail-ex__txt">婚約破棄されても、幸せになってみせます!! 聖女であるマリアライトは年齢を理由に婚約者の王太子から婚約破棄をつきつけられてしまう!マリアライトはそれを了承し生家に戻るが、そこには角が生えた子どもが隠れていて…? さらに、凄まじいスピードで成長した彼はマリアライトにベタ惚れで、自分の国に連れ帰る気満々!! マイペース聖女とスパダリなのに本命にはウブな魔族の皇子様の溺愛ファンタジー、待望のコミカライズ。</div></div></div><div class="detail-ex__btn"><div class="detail-ex__btn-list-wrap"></div></div></div></div></div>

Konyaku Hakisare-Ka Wo Owareta Shoujo No Te Wo Tori, Tensai Majutsushi Wa Yuuga Ni Hizamazuku Chapter 8.1
Fantasy Romance Josei Historical

<p>魔術師の家系で魔法が使えない落ちこぼれのイリス。婚約者を妹に奪われ家を追われた彼女は、とある家で侍女として働くことに。 「落ちこぼれとして生きるより、侍女として穏やかに生きる方が幸せだわ」 そう思って侍女生活を満喫し出したイリスは、なぜか主人である超絶美形の天才魔術師に、気に入られてしまい…!?</p><hr><p>A drop-out Iris who can’t use magic in the magician’s family. Her fiancé was robbed by her sister and she was ousted from her house, and she decided to work as her maid at a certain house. Iris, who enjoyed her life as a maid, thought that “it’s happier to live calmly as a maid than to live as a dropout”, and for some reason she liked her master, a transcendental genius magician. I got lost …!?</p>

Villains Behind The Curtains Chapter 44
Fantasy Romance Josei Historical Psychological

<p><span id="freeText4528886752288719826">‘나는 소설 속 악녀 ‘시리아나’로 빙의했다.</span></p><p>시리에나의 어머니는 흑막을 데려와 세뇌시켜 자신의 이익을 위해 이용하려 하고 있었다.</p><p>세뇌의 내용은 두 가지.<br> 가문의 사람들에게 복종할 것.<br> 그리고 시리에나, 그러니까 나를 사랑할 것.<br> 덕분에 세뇌를 당한 흑막은 나한테 광적으로 집착을 한다.<br> 흑막, 그러니까 아제스터에게 걸린 세뇌를 풀어주야겠다고 마음먹은 나는 오랜 노력 끝에 성공하지만…,</p><p>이게 무슨 상황이지?<br> “세뇌가 풀렸으니 이젠 내 마음대로 할 겁니다. 그러니 시리에나, 부디 열심히 발악해 보세요.”</p><p>세뇌를 풀어주자 다른 의미로 전보다 더 미친 듯이 집착하는 흑막. 아니, 그건 내 착각이겠지?</p><hr><p>She has long lashes, radiant crimson eyes, and silver hair like an angel’s… but she’s no angel—she’s the villainess Syriana Malforte… and I’ve been isekaied into her body! The House of Malforte has many gifted mages, but none at the level of Duke Azester. My evil mother brainwashed him into falling in love with me, and I coldly used him until his final breath. But with this second chance, I vow to set him free and return him to a sound state of mind. But how? And my heart aches to know… will Az still love me once he’s free?</p>

Depths Of Malice Chapter 49
Mature Romance Josei Drama Adult Smut

<p>“프라우드 카터, 내 인생은 그 놈 때문에 망했어!”</p><p>귀족 영애였던 리타는 그 놈 때문에 시한부 술집 작부가 되었다.<br> 복수를 하고 싶어도 쥘 칼날이 없는 나날들.</p><p>그런 리타에게 이국의 주술사가 제안했다.<br> “당신의 낡은 몸을 새 육신과 맞바꿔 드리겠습니다.”<br> 주술사의 마법으로 시한부 작부 리타는 백작가의 영애, 베르타 알베르하트로 다시 태어날 수 있었다.</p><p>하지만 베르타는 알지 못했다.</p><p>“아가씨, 제가 아가씨의 몸을 준비시켜 드리겠습니다.”<br> “다른 사람한테 범해지는 당신의 모습, 너무 아름다워.”<br> “아름다운 숙녀에게 이정도 대가는 바라도 되겠지요.”</p><p>아름다운 베르타의 몸을 노리는 적이 사방에 깔려 있었다는 것을!</p><p>하지만 이제는 당하고만 있을 베르타가 아니다.<br> ‘힘없는 자의 악의는 꽃피기도 전에 스러진다. 하지만 지금의 나는 달라.’<br> 넘쳐나는 돈과 백작 지위. 아름다운 얼굴과 몸을 이용해 복수에 한 발짝씩 다가가는 베르타.</p><p>과연 베르타의 칼날은 원수를 찌를 수 있을까?</p><hr><p>“Proud Carter, it’s all thanks to you my life has been ruined!”</p><p>Rita, a lady of a noble, became a bar waitress for li because of him. There are many days when she wants revenge, but doesn’t have a blade to hold on to. One day, a foreign shaman suggested to Rita, “I will exchange your old body for a new one.”<br> With the shaman’s magic, Rita, the countess’s daughter, was able to be reborn as Bertha Alberthart.</p>

Finding My Place Chapter 52
Adventure Fantasy Romance Josei Drama

<p><span id="freeText6959766305310073243">“죽고 싶다는 생각이 들면 그 죽고 싶다는 생각을 하게 한 사람을 죽여.”</span></p><p>어린 시절, 아메탄의 뒷배 없는 왕녀 아셰는 황궁의 연회에서 우연히 제국의 2황자 이단을 만나게 된다.<br> 그와 다시 만날 일이 없다는 생각에 편하게 속마음을 터놓던 아셰는 술김에 첫키스까지 해 버리고, 이단은 헤어지기 전 아셰의 마음을 뒤흔드는 충고를 남긴다.</p><p>7년 후, 태자인 친오라비를 죽이고 궁에 감금된 채 5년 뒤에 있을 처벌 판결을 기다리는 아셰의 앞에 청년이 된 이단이 찾아오는데…….</p><p>“모든 걸 일대일로 교환하도록 하자. 서로 과도하게 의심하거나 바라지 않도록.”<br> “좋아. 앞으로는 비밀 하나에 비밀 하나로 갚기.”</p><p>한 달 뒤 아메탄을 떠나야 하는 이단과 궁을 떠날 수 없는 아셰.<br> 서로를 믿지 못하고 철저히 합의된 계산만을 주고받는 관계 속에서 아셰는 이단에게 은밀한 제안을 한다.</p><p>“식욕, 수면욕은 모두 채우고 있는데…… 아직 성욕이라는 건 내가 아예 모르는 영역이거든.”</p><p>굳게 닫힌 궁에서 이단과 동침하게 된 아셰. 이제 그녀의 운명은 어디로 흘러가게 될까.</p><hr><p>During a chance meeting, Princess Asché shares an unforgettable kiss with Ethan, the second prince of a nearby empire. Years later, Asché’s brother arranges a marriage that will force her to become the Emperor’s ninth wife. Rather than suffer in a loveless union, Asché poisons her brother, and is imprisoned in the palace for her crime. But as revolution stirs, Ethan, now an anti-imperial rebel, suddenly reappears in her bedroom, and a steamy romance fraught with political implications begins.</p>

The Engagement Of Marielle Clarac Chapter 32.1
Comedy Romance Josei Historical

<p>「腹黒系眼鏡美形、大好物ですありがとう!!」<br> 地味で目立たない子爵家令嬢マリエルの婚約者として名乗りを上げたのは、なんと令嬢たちの憧れの的、近衛騎士団副団長のシメオンだった!ねたみと嘲笑を浴びせる世間をよそに、マリエルは幸せ満喫中!?<br> 「一迅社アイリスNEO」で話題の婚約者とその周りにひそかに萌える令嬢の物語、スタート!!</p><hr><p>Plain and inconspicuous, she was high society’s unattractive wallflower. Even so, Marielle was proposed to. Moreover, her fiance is Sir Simeon, the popular knight of the Imperial Guard! Why is he with someone like her? No matter how much she was envied and scorned, Marielle was happy. Well, because his appearance was that of a calm, two-faced Adonis!</p>

Kimajime Reijou Desu Ga, Oujo-Sama (Kari) Ni Narimashita!? Chapter 2
Fantasy Romance Josei Drama

<p>近衛隊員のユリアは、王女ローラと共に崖から転落。目が覚めるとローラと体が入れ替わっていた!? その姿のまま王女の結婚相手・レオン国王と夫婦を演じることになるも、彼はイジワルな上に勘が鋭く大ピンチ!?</p>

Master Has Chosen My Husband Candidates Chapter 40
Fantasy Romance Josei Adult Historical Smut

<p>스승님과 처음 만난 건 내가 갓난아기였을 때. 고아원에서 태어난 나를 부모님의 연고자라며 거둬주셨다. 스승님의 사랑을 받고 쑥쑥 자라 어느새 성년이 된 나는 스승님에게 마음을 고백하고 바로 식을 올릴 예정이었으나… 성인식 날 돌연 스승님이 사라졌다?! 그렇게 충격을 받은 채 5년이라는 시간이 지나 스승님에게 온 한 통의 편지! “나는 말이지, 5년 동안 너의 남편감들을 찾아다녔어.” 언젠가 돌아올 스승님을 기다리며 가게를 지켰는데 다른 남자들이 온다니…</p><hr><p>The first time I met my teacher was when I was a baby. Born in an orphanage, he took me back, saying it was my parents’ hometown. I grew up with the love of my teacher and became an adult before I knew it, so I was going to confess my heart to my teacher and hold a ceremony right away. My teacher suddenly disappeared on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony?!&nbsp;After 5 years of such a shock, a letter came from teacher!</p><p>“I’ve been looking for your husbands for five years.”</p><p>I kept the store waiting for my teacher who will come back someday, but other men are coming… Come back home!</p>

To You Who Do Not Love Me Chapter 57
Fantasy Romance Josei Drama

<p>“미하엘. 넌 내게 신이었어.”</p><p>마을 사람들에 의해 괴수의 제물로 바쳐진 소녀 로즈 몰리.<br> 그녀는 죽음 직전 떠돌이 용사 미하엘에게 목숨을 건진다.<br> 미하엘은 로즈의 특별한 힘을 눈치채고 그녀를 거둬들이고<br> 로즈의 세계는 미하엘을 중심으로 돌아가게 된다.<br> 미하엘은 그녀가 상처 입는 것을 알면서도 그녀를 도구로만 이용한다.</p><p>“혼자서 가버리는 건 이제 안 돼, 로즈.<br> 고통이든 안식이든, 뭐든 나와 함께해.”</p><p>처절하게 후회하게 될 줄은 꿈에도 모른 채.</p><hr><p>It was a hero with dreams of unifying the continent that saved me, who was about to become an offering made to a monster.</p><p>And inevitably, I fell in love with him.</p><p>But, the sad truth is, every famed and mythical hero eventually ends up with a beautiful and noble princess. And I was just a girl he’d saved.</p><p>So, when he finally did unify the continent and marry a princess like any other hero,</p><p>I, who couldn’t bring myself to kill you, decided to leave forever.</p><p>“Goodbye, my moonlight.”</p>

Under The Oak Tree Chapter 341
Fantasy Mature Romance Josei Drama

<p>말더듬이 공작 영애 맥시밀리언은 아버지의 강요로 비천한 출생의 기사와 결혼하게 된다. 첫날밤을 치르고 원정을 떠나간 남편은 3년 후, 전 대륙에 명성을 떨치는 기사가 되어 돌아오는데…. “너를 생각하면 생각할수록 나는 고독하고 외로워져 이렇게나 괴로운데도 그만 둘 수 없는 이유를 도무지 모르겠어.”</p><hr><p>A flawless love story of the flawed.<br> Stuttering lady Maximilian is forced into a marriage with Sir Riftan, but he leaves on a campaign after their wedding night. 3 years later, he triumphantly returns, ready to cherish her. As life with her husband finally begins, she only has one question — does she deserve this love and happiness?</p>

Yasashii Kazoku To, Takusan No Mofumofu Ni Kakomarete Chapter 22.1
Fantasy Slice of Life Josei

<p>小学低学年の高橋勇輝。<br> ある日、ふとした事故により、この世を去ってしまう。<br> 気づくと真っ白い部屋の中にいて、どこからか声だけが聞こえてきた。<br> 声の主は何と神様。<br> 「別の世界で、今度こそ幸せに。」<br> 神様の声に導かれ、勇輝はたくさんのモフモフと、優しい人々に出会う。<br> 今、別の世界で、勇輝の幸せな生活が始まる。前半もふもふ少なめです。<br> ユーキの可愛い?やらかしに、まわりのみんなは大慌て。</p><p>ツギクル様、カクヨム様でも連載しています。</p><hr><p>Yuki Takahashi in lower grades of elementary school.<br> One day, a sudden accident kills me.<br> I noticed that I was in a pure white room, and only somewhere I could hear a voice.<br> The Lord of the voice is God.<br> “In another world, happy what now.”<br> Led to God’s voice, Yuki is a lot of Mofumofu, meet friendly people.<br> Now, in another world, Yuki’s happy life begins.&nbsp;The first half is also less fumofu.<br> Is Yuki’s cute?&nbsp;I’m sorry, everyone around me was in a panic.</p><p>Tsugikuru like, now serialized in Kakuyomu like&nbsp;to.</p>

The Villainess Is Worshipped By The Family Chapter 42
Fantasy Action Romance Josei Drama Historical

<p>소심하고 착하지만 가족에게 멸시를 당하는<br> 블랑쉐(여주)는 가족들의 멸시를 이겨내지 못하고<br> 자살시도를 하고 만다.</p><p>그 이후 눈을 뜨니 이 세계는 내가 만들었던 게임세계!!</p><p>이 세계에서 살아남을려면<br> 악역인 리카르도(남주)를 내편으로 만들어야해.<br> 그런데 리카르도의 상태가 이상하다?!</p><hr><p>To Blanche, everything seemed hopeless. Until she realized it was all a game. One she made, to be exact. Now she has a goal: Become the villain’s right-hand man! But wait. Why is she the one saving him…?</p><p>Blanche, who is timid and kind but is despised by her family, cannot overcome her family’s contempt and attempts suicide.</p><p>After that, when I opened my eyes, this world was the game world I made!!</p>

Heeran Love Song Chapter 44
Fantasy Romance Josei Drama Historical

<p><span id="freeText5953683321165082272">희란국의 장군 자현은 왕의 명령으로 ‘귀신을 보는 공주’ 소루와 결혼한다.<br> 자현은 소루를 냉대하지만, 자현에게는 귀신을 물리치는 힘이 있었고 소루는 그의 곁에 머물길 원한다.<br> 유일한 안식처인 자현을 위해 모든 것을 희생하려는 소루.<br> 자현은 그런 소루가 점점 신경 쓰이는데…</span></p><hr><p>A hidden love story of a ghost princess who never loved anyone.</p><p>General Jahyeon of Heeran Nation marries Soru, a ‘princess who sees ghosts’, by the king’s order. Jahyeon is cold to Soru, but he has the power to ward off ghosts, hence Soru wants to stay by his side. Soru is willing to sacrifice everything for Jahyeon, who is her only safe haven.</p><p>Jahyeon is getting more and more concerned about Soru, but…</p>

How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past Chapter 64
Fantasy Romance Josei Historical

<p><span id="freeText7830412563002755248">눈을 떠 보니 중2 때 썼던 소설 속 안이었다. 그것도 한쪽 눈에 안대를 끼고, 왼팔에 흑염룡을 달고 다니는 솔레이 공작가의 외동딸인 레이나로.</span></p><p>[불렀는가 주인.]<br> “으아아아악! 내 왼팔에서 당장 사라져!”</p><p>문제는 저질러 놓은 흑역사들이 참 많다는 것이었다.</p><p>“아가씨. 그러면 이 죽음의 드레스도 버릴까요?”<br> “응.”<br> “그러면 이 선혈의 구두는요?”<br> “버려.”<br> “네. 그러면 핏빛 재앙의 머리띠도 버릴게요.”</p><p>아니 왜 다 이름이 그따위인 건데?<br> 설상가상, 제게 무릎을 꿇으며 충성을 맹세하게 한 놈들까지 요란하게 날뛰기 시작한다.</p><p>“간단해. 기절하면, 무섭지도 않고 좋잖아?”<br> “벽이라도 부숴야 그 위에서 내려올 건가.”<br> “괜찮아! 딱 한 대만 때렸어.”</p><p>……어째 이제는 내가 무릎 꿇고 싹싹 빌어야 될 것 같다.<br> 과거에 뿌린 흑역사를 청산하기 위해 본격적으로 고군분투하는 레이나의 이야기.</p><hr><p>During my edgy emo teenage years, I wrote a novel about Reina, the only daughter of the Duke of Solei, who wears an eye patch in one eye and a black dye dragon on her left arm. The ultimate moody emo villainess with skull decorations and black roses on everything she owns… The ultimate symbol of my dark and moody past – and now I am suddenly her?! To make matters worse, even the overpowered minion characters who I made swear their allegiance to me have now started running wild… to the point that I’m the one who feels like begging on my knees. This is enough! Just, why is everything so embarrassingly overdramatic? It’s time to clean up my dark past!</p>

His Majesty Secret Heroine Chapter 156
Adventure Fantasy Action Romance Josei Drama Martial Arts Historical Gender Bender

<p>연록흔 재련 (삽화추가본) (총5권/완결) 세트 상품 입니다.</p><p>설백빛 뜨락을 굽어보니 달이 사느랗게 서려있네.<br> 삭풍은 맵차 결 없으니 때 아닌 꽃조차 지누나.<br> 그 꽃 애참하게 붉으나 서린 그늘은 그저 검어<br> 설월위에 비친 그림자 하양 서럽고 서글프매<br> 눈시울이 우련 붉도다.</p><hr><p>Yeon Lokheun is a girl who grows up living as a boy learning martial and spiritual arts. She heads for the palace in order to clear the name of her father, a wanted criminal, where she meets the young Emperor Garyun. He promises to save her father’s life in exchange for her lifelong services. After gaining Garyun’s trust, she travels the world solving supernatural-like problems that arise in place of the Emperor. But how long can she continue this life without the others finding out that she is actually a woman?</p>

The Villainess Becomes The Leading Lady Chapter 81
Fantasy Romance Josei Drama Historical

<p>내게 지옥을 선사한 가해자와 함께 읽었던 소설에 빙의해버렸다. 가해자는 여주인공인 ‘플로레’로, 나는 끔찍하게 죽게 될 악녀 ‘달리아’로. “대공 전하, 저와 결혼하시지 않으시겠어요?” “지금… 뭐라고 하셨습니까?” “그리고 함께 복수해요.” 남주인공인 노엘의 이복 형이자 이후 반역을 일으켜 처단될, 운명인 요한 데카르트 세르비엔. 내 복수의 최고의 아군이 될 남자를 놓쳐서는 안 된다. 악녀의 몸에 빙의한 이상, 이 몸을 철저하게 사용해주겠어. 이수연</p><hr><p>Reborn into a fantasy novel as a wicked character fated to meet an early demise, Minjoo – now Dahlia Margaret – has a lot on her plate right from the start. But at least she’s now free of her vicious high school bully, Sooyeon. Or is she? When Dahlia meets Flore, her estranged sister and the protagonist of the novel, she is shocked to find that the girl bears a suspicious resemblance to the classmate who tormented her. Now, driven by the desire to save her own life and also get revenge, Dahlia needs to make a powerful ally, and she has her eye on a handsome royal who just might be perfect for the job. However, a deal with this mysterious man might mean more than she bargained for…</p>

Akumu Kara Mezameta Gouman Reijou Wa Yarinaoshi Wo Mosakuchuu Chapter 18.3
Fantasy Comedy Romance School Life Josei

<p>公爵令嬢ファラーラは王太子殿下に婚約を破棄され、心を病んで幽閉されてしまった。<br> そのとき見た夢は、社長令嬢の蝶子として元友人に婚約者を奪われてしまうというもの。<br> 「蝶子って誰?」「私は婚約破棄されたの?」<br> 悪夢から目覚めたファラーラは、自分が王太子殿下と婚約した翌日――12歳に戻っていることに驚いた!<br> よく分からないけれど、夢と同じ人生は歩みたくない。<br> それにどうせならもっと魔法を活用して、新しいことをやってみたい!<br> そのためにも、今までの傲慢だった自分を反省し、明るく楽しい未来を目指してやり直すことを決意する。<br> ファラーラ(異世界)と蝶子(現代)が奮闘する、やり直しハッピーファンタジー。</p><hr><p>The Duke’s daughter Farara was abandoned by the Crown Prince and was imprisoned with illness.<br> The dream I had at that time was that my fiancé was robbed by a former friend as the president’s daughter, Choko.<br> “Who is Choko?” “Am I abandoned my engagement?”<br> Awakened from a nightmare, Farara was surprised that she was 12 years old the day after she was engaged to the Crown Prince!<br> I’m not sure, but I don’t want to live the same life as my dream.<br> Anyway, I want to use more magic and try new things!<br> To that end, I will reflect on my arrogant self and decide to start over with the aim of a bright and enjoyable future.<br> Happy fantasy to start over, where Farara (another world) and Choko (modern) struggle.</p>

Zense Seijo Wa Te Wo Nukitai Yokiyoki Chapter 14.2
Adventure Fantasy Comedy Romance School Life Josei

<p>ある日、10歳のレナリアは思い出した。前世で聖女だったこと、王子の婚約者だったこと、そして横恋慕してきた令嬢のために自分が聖女の力を使い果たして死んでしまったことを…!! 幸い、今世の守護精霊は人気のない風の精霊エアリアルだったけど、あれ? もしかして前世の魔法も使えちゃう…? もし聖女だとバレたら王族と婚約&また殺されてしまうかも!? もう、そんなのゴメンです! よし、手を抜きましょう。うん、よきよき!</p><hr><p>Renaria suddenly remembers her memories from her previous life. In the past, she was a saintess who was proficient in light magic, However, using this magic is life-threatening…<br> The princess fakes, attempting to kill herself because she is in love with Renarias Fiance, the second prince. Using holy magic as is the duty of a saintess, she loses her life reviving the princess.<br> Now she is starting off her teenage years with her memories intact and a goal in mind to avoid being noticed by the royal family. Can she protect her identity? Will she be married off? Only time can tell</p>

I Raised Cinderella Preciously Chapter 83
Fantasy Romance Josei Drama Historical

<p>There is a famous fairytale. A kindhearted girl whose father and stepmother got married and became a family of five with her two stepsisters. The poor girl who was condemned by her stepmother and stepsisters when her father died. The very fairytale, Cinderella. But I am not Cinderella, I am the stepmother. At the age of thirty-seven, already married twice, been widowed twice and is raising three daughters!</p><p>Daniel Walford, a man who keeps approaching me while I’m busy trying to raise my three daughters.<br> “Can I kiss you?”<br> As a son-in law, I think he’s a little bit older but why does he keep approaching?… Oh, I don’t know.<br> Once I let Cinderella marry the prince, I can live quietly.<br> But is this fairytale really ‘Cinderella’?</p>

Hikikomori Reijou Wa Hanashi No Wakaru Seiju-Ban Chapter 20.1
Fantasy Comedy Romance Josei

<p>「倒れた母のためには金がいる。だから王宮に出仕してくれ!」<br> ある日、父にそう言われた伯爵令嬢のミュリエルは、断固拒否した。<br> なにせ彼女は、人づきあいが苦手で本ばかりを読んでいる引きこもり。王宮で働くなんてムリ!…と思っていたけれど、父が提案したのは図書館司書。そこでなら働けるかもしれないと、早速ミュリエルは面接に向かうが――。<br> どうして色気ダダ漏れなサイラス団長が面接官なの!? それにいつの間に聖獣のお世話をする「聖獣番」に採用されたんですか!?<br> 一迅社文庫アイリスの大人気作!!! 引きこもり令嬢と聖獣騎士団長の聖獣ラブコメディが待望のコミカライズ!!</p><hr><p>“We need money for your bedridden mother. So please, work at the Royal Palace!”</p><p>This is what the daughter of a Count, Muriel, was told by her father one day, which she firmly refused.</p><p>That’s because she’s a shut-in whose weakness is socializing, simply immersing herself in books. “No way am I going to work at the Royal Palace!” is what she thought, but her father proposed she work as a librarian. Thinking that she might be able to work there if it’s that, Muriel immediately went for an interview, but–</p><p>Why is she being interviewed by Commander Silas who exudes sensuality?! And why is it that when she came to, she was already employed as the “Sacred Beast Caretaker,” someone who takes care of the sacred beasts?! A very popular work from Ichijinsha’s Iris Collection!!! The long-awaited comicalization of the Sacred Beast love comedy between a shut-in lady and the commander of the Sacred Beast Order!!</p>

A Bellicose Lady Got Reincarnated!? ~It’S An Impossibly Hard Game Where I Would Die If I Don’T Fall In Love Chapter 22.2
Fantasy Romance Josei Drama

<p>趣味はバイク、特技はケンカ、苦手なものは恋愛という硬派な元ヤンキーのあたしは、恋しなければ死んでしまうヤンデレ系乙女ゲームのヒロインに転生したらしい。いくら転生後の姿が儚げで美しくてナイスバディでも、恋愛初心者の元ヤンに恋をしろだなんて……無理ゲーすぎる(涙)ゲームが始まらないように、攻略対象である、執着系の王太子、鬼畜系の義兄、束縛系の王弟、二重人格の近衛騎士の4人には近づかないようにしていたのだけれど――。</p><hr><p>Is this seriously the world of a “game”? If I don’t romance one of the yanderes, I will die!?</p><p>Before my reincarnation, I was a former delinquent and a top-class brawler nicknamed the “Crimson Rose” or the “Crimson Demon”, who had gathered the interest of other delinquents. It’s easier to talk with your fists than to talk about love, so naturally, my romance skills are zero.</p><p>Despite this, it seems that I have reincarnated as a game’s heroine, someone with a family of good standing and a gentle appearance!</p><p>In order to protect my life while cooperating with the investigation of the incident, I will try my best to fall in love, but…</p><p>The person herself hasn’t realized it. Serina, the daughter of an Earl and a former delinquent, is cherished and loved by everyone around her. This is the story of her journey to obtain happiness.</p>

Ane No Migawari De Konyaku Shitara Naze Ka Henkyou No Seijo To Yobareru You Ni Narimashita Chapter 8.1
Fantasy Romance Josei

<p>飽きっぽい姉・イザベラのおさがりを大切に使っていた、伯爵家の次女シルヴィア。ある日、婚約者まで飽きたと言い出した姉の身代わりに、シルヴィアは若き辺境伯フェルナンドに嫁ぐことに!? お姉様は嫌だと言っていたけれど、フェルナンド様は素敵だし、辺境伯領は緑が多くてとってもキレイ。こんなところでのんびり過ごせるなら最高です!姉のおさがりを直していた再生魔法で山の主を救い、シルヴィアは『辺境の聖女』と慕われはじめる。けれどそこに「妹が婚約者を奪った」とイザベラが泣きついた、怒れる王子がやってきて…!?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Kishi Danchou No Musuko Wa Akuyaku Reijou Wo Dekiai Suru Chapter 8.3
Fantasy Romance Josei

<p><span style="vertical-align: inherit;"><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">“Alice breaks her engagement with you!” Alice, the son of the knight captain, remembered the memories of the previous life with such a voice. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">In the situation where the prince’s engagement is being abandoned at the venue of the evening party, he remembers that exactly the same development was done in the otome game of the previous life. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Apparently false accusations, but the prince and other targets to blame the villain daughter. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">And when he saw the heroine secretly smiling invincibly, he decided. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Trying to save his favorite villain daughter and make it his own. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">This is a sweet story in which the hero who reincarnated as the son of a knight captain, one of the targets of the otome game, loves the villain daughter.</span></span></p>

Elite Jieikan Ni Dekiaisareteru… Rashii Desu? Chapter 3
Romance Josei Smut

<p>勤め先が倒産した日に、長年付き合った恋人にもフラれた凪子(なぎこ)。これから人生どうしたものか……と思案していたところ、幼馴染の鮫川康平(さめかわこうへい)と数年ぶりに再会する。そして近況を話しているうちに、なぜか突然プロポーズされて!? 戸惑いの中ではじめた新婚生活だったけれど、いざ夫婦になってみると、溢れるほどの熱情で身も心も溶かされて――? 胸キュン必須の新婚ストーリー、待望のコミカライズ!</p>

Isekai Lingerie Shop Chapter 7.1
Fantasy Comedy Slice of Life Josei

<p>転移先は下着がない世界……!? ランジェリーで異世界女子のお悩みを解決!</p><p>女性の下着をこよなく愛するランジェリー・デザイナーの山下匠海(やましたたくみ)は、ある日不慮の事故で亡くなってしまい、気がつくと剣や魔法が出てくる中世ヨーロッパ風の異世界へ転移していた……!<br> 街中を見渡すと露出度の高い服を着ている女性たちがたくさんいるが、全員まともな下着をつけていない。「このままでは、女性たちの体型が崩れてしまうわ!」と危機感を抱いた匠海は、異世界に下着を広めるべく、ランジェリーショップを開こうと決意するのだった――。<br> 仲間を集め、異世界女子たちのカラダに関するお悩みを解決! オネエで下着オタクの匠海と、貧乳・巨乳・巨尻など様々な体型の悩みを抱えたヒロインたちが繰り広げる異世界お仕事ファンタジー!</p>

Baskerville-Ke No Seiryaku Kekkon Chapter 10.1
Romance Josei Drama Mystery Supernatural Historical

<p>バスカヴィル家の一家惨殺事件――。その生き残りのグウィンは、資産家の娘であるソフィアの婚約者となった。しかし、彼女にはある秘密が…。不思議な力を持つソフィアと、悲劇の少年であるグウィンとの小さな恋が芽生えるのか。そして事件の真相に辿り着けることができるのか?「小説家になろう」の人気作コミカライズ!</p><hr><p>Baskerville, the family of tragedy.</p><p>Sophia, the daughter of a wealthy family, is to marry Gwyn Baskerville, the young heir of the Baskerville family who succeeded the title at the mere age of thirteen. After the recent death of his family, Gwyn, the ‘tragedy boy’ was thrown into the public eye. Although Sofia manages to establish a good relationship with Gwyn, she holds a secret that, when uncovered, will keep everyone away.</p><p>This is the tale of a boy seeking the truth of his family’s death and a girl who can see the dead as their bond grows deeper and deeper.</p>

Tenseisaki De Suterareta No De, Mofumofu-Tachi To Oryouri Shimasu: Okazari Ouhi Wa My Pace Ni Saikyou Desu Chapter 18.1
Fantasy Harem Romance Josei

<p>王太子に婚約破棄され捨てられた瞬間、公爵令嬢レティーシアは料理好きOLだった前世を思い出す。国外追放も同然に女嫌いで有名な銀狼王グレンリードの元へお飾りの王妃として赴くことになった彼女は、もふもふ達に囲まれた離宮で、マイペースな毎日を過ごす。だがある日、美しい銀の狼と出会い餌付けして以来、グレンリードの態度が徐々に変化していき……。コミカライズ決定! 料理を愛する悪役令嬢のもふもふスローライフ、ここに開幕! 本作品の作画につきまして、もにつなのに先生から、壬明先生に変更となりました。これに伴い、第6話(1)~(3)は、壬明先生の作画に変更をさせていただいております。引き続き本作品をお楽しみください。</p><hr><p>At the very moment the Prince cancels their engagement, the Duke’s daughter, Letícia Gramwell, recalls her former life as a culinary lover. Much as she hates being run out of her own country, the abandoned Crown Princess resolves to go to the kingdom next door, spending her days in the royal palace with the king, surrounded by fluffiness! But one day, after meeting and feeding a beautiful silver wolf, the King’s attitude gradually started to change…</p>

Gomen Asobase, Tonogata-Sama! ~100-Nin No Ikemen To No Flag Wa Subete Orasete Itadakimasu~ Chapter 6.2
Fantasy Comedy Romance Josei Gender Bender

<p>生前やりこんでいた乙女ゲーム「100恋」の世界に、<br> ヒロイン・スフィアとして赤子状態で転生した私。<br> ヒロインは100人のイケメンに言い寄られるモテ設定だけれど、<br> 私の推しは悪役令嬢のアルティナ様!<br> シナリオ通り恋敵になれば、アルティナ様を❝ざまぁ❞しなければならない…。そんなの無理!<br> ならば私に向けられる恋の芽(フラグ)を刈り取って、彼女にハッピーエンドを迎えてもらうのよ!</p><p>「将来貴方は私を好きになるから、今ここでその心をへし折ります」<br> 男たちを謂われのない精神攻撃が襲う――!<br> 前代未聞(⁉)のフラグ破壊ロマンス、華麗に開幕!</p><p>マンガ原作コンテスト「コミカライズ・パーティー」受賞作‼</p>

Kita No Toridenite Chapter 21.1
Fantasy Comedy Slice of Life Josei

<p>前世日本人、転生したら雪の精霊の子ギツネに!?そんな前世の記憶を持つミルは、ある日、急にお母さんに留守番を言い渡されるが、寂しさに耐えられず山を下りてしまい、強面で屈強な騎士たちばかりがいる砦に辿り着く。そこで一旦ひっそりと身を休めようと思ったが、顔に大きな傷のある隻眼の騎士にバレてしまい……。読んだらきっと”もふもふ”したくなる、ほのぼのほっこり交流譚!</p><hr><p>A Japanese in the previous life, when he reincarnates, he becomes a fox, a child of the spirit of snow !? We arrive at a fort with only strong knights. So I decided to take a rest quietly, but I was caught by a one-eyed knight with a big scar on his face … If you read it, you will surely want to “mofumofu”, a warm and warm exchange!</p>

Tsunderu Moto Akuyaku Reijo Wa Do S Ouji-Sama Kara Nigedashitai Chapter 16.5
Fantasy Romance Josei Smut

<p>転生した乙女ゲームの世界で待っていたのは――超サディスト王子様からの過激な調教ライフ!? 「小説家になろう」の女性向けサイト「ムーンライトノベルズ」の人気作、コミカライズ!</p><hr><p>What I’ve been waiting for in the reincarnated maiden game world is the extreme training life from a super sadist prince!? Comicalize, a popular work of “Moonlight Novels” for women who wants to become a novelist!</p>