Martial Arts

Dolkara Chapter 55
Action Comedy Seinen Drama Martial Arts Supernatural Gender Bender

<p>K-1の創始者・石井館長が女子高生に転生してしまった件――!!!!!</p><p>脱税の罪で実刑判決を受けたK-1の創始者・石井館長。1年間の刑期を終え静岡刑務所を出所した石井館長だったが、その直後、トラックにはねられ即死。<br> そしてその魂はなんと女子高生・一ノ瀬ケイに乗り移ってしまう!<br> K-1創世記から20年――格闘界のフィクサー・石井和義が女子高生に憑依(!?)し、もう一度「空手」に向き合う青春浪漫ストーリー。</p><hr><p>Kazuyoshi Ishii has had a bad day. The former director of K1, one of the world’s greatest karate tournaments, was imprisoned for two years for tax evasion. Just as he is released and he can return to karate, he is struck by a truck.<br> However, just before his death, a talking cat appears before him. The cat explains that while Ishii is dead, it can give him a new life – so long as he can complete a task for it. With no other choice, Ishii agrees. Succumbing to his injuries, Ishii falls to the ground, dead.<br> At that moment, high school girl Kei Ichinose wakes up from a three-day coma.</p>

Guard Pass Chapter 54
Action Shounen School Life Drama Martial Arts

<p>평소 먹는 것을 좋아해 뚱뚱하고 큰 체격을 가진 임세준 그는 뚱보라는 놀림에도 신경 쓰지 않는 자존감이 높고 확고한 성격을 가졌다 그에게 단 한 명의 친구 서하진 그녀는 어릴 적부터 세준을 지켜주기 위해 늘 운동을 배워왔다 어느 날 세준은 같은 반 일진과 트러블이 생기고 그것을 본 하진은 눈이 돌아가 일진을 박살 내게 된다 그런데 어느 날 밤 하진은 심하게 폭행당한 채로 발견되고 크게 다친 무릎과 더 심각한 정신적 후유증을 얻는다 세준은 경찰에게 말해보</p><hr><p>Lim Sejun, who likes to eat, is fat and has a large physique. He has high self-esteem and a firm personality that doesn’t even care about being teased for being fat. He has only one friend, ‘Seo Hajin’. She has always been learning Jiujitsu to protect Sejun since childhood. One day, Sejun has trouble with a delinquent in the same class, and Hajin sees it and destroys that delinquent. But one night, Hajin is found severely beaten and suffers from a badly injured knee and more serious psychological trauma. Sejun tries to tell the police, but when the investigation doesn’t make much progress, he can’t control his anger and goes to find the culprit himself, but he’s defeated by the delinquent who learned Jiujitsu and finds nothing. Then he learns Jiujitsu from a man named ‘Jason’ who saved him. Three months later, Sejun, who learned Jiujitsu and lost weight, finds out that a veiled group is involved, and wants to destroy it. A school action drama depicting individual revenge.</p>

Yuusha Ni Haiboku Shita Maousama Wa Kaerizaku Tame Ni Mamonogirudo O Tsukuru Koto Ni Shimashita Chapter 58
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Seinen Drama Martial Arts

<p>The Demon King has had a rough day. Just when he thought he finally defeated the hero, he came back. And back. And back. And sooner or later, the hero who constantly resurrected was bound to defeat a Demon Lord who couldn’t.</p><p>And he did. The hero vanquished the Demon Lord, peace spread across the land, and so on and so forth. The End. That’s it. That’s the whole story.</p><p>…Kidding. The Demon Lord sent his soul to a empty vessel, which saved his life but unfortunately also is incredibly weak. So what’s a Demon King to do when he wants to rule the world, but couldn’t even defeat a child? (HINT: It’s in the title.)</p>

That Inferior Knight, Actually Level 999 Chapter 18.5
Adventure Fantasy Shounen Martial Arts

<p>賢者の父と武闘家の母…人類最強の二人を両親に持つ少年・ユアン。<br> 「お前は弱い」と育てられた彼は強くなるため家出しますが…<br> 巨岩をデコピンで粉砕したり、ドラゴンを「トカゲ」と思い込み狩って食べたり…<br> 彼の「日常」はとにかくハンパなかった!!<br> 最強に育てられたら当然最強。でも、その自覚ゼロ。<br> とんでもない世間知らずが世界をゆるがす勘違い無双、開幕!!</p><hr><p>The supposedly weakest boy who mastered martial arts and magic, the world shakes his misunderstanding!?</p><p>“Hmm…I have no talent.”… is what Yuan grew up in the mountains thinking. He’s a normal kind-hearted boy, but of the unusual things about him, is that his parents are a sage and a master martial artist. In other words, the world’s strongest. Since Yuan was told he was the weakest, he leaves home to make his dreams of becoming a knight come true.</p><p>“Eh!? Is it really possible to be defeated with a mere finger-flick by an 8-year-old kid?”</p><p>“You heard the hero was the weakest member? You’d have to be out of your mind to fight that!”</p><p>“Armies of Angels? You mean the harmful birds? I’ll just remove them altogether!”</p><p>Now, the boy who sees dragons as just lizards you can eat regularly thinks (I am weak. I’ll have to get even stronger or else I’ll never become a noble knight), will he ever be free from his misconceptions!?</p>

Ippon! Again Chapter 190
Comedy Shounen School Life Slice of Life Sports Drama Martial Arts

<div></div><div>中学最後の大会で結果を残せず、柔道をやめるつもりだった園田未知。</div><div>しかし、親友の滝川早苗と、中学時代最後に対戦した相手・氷浦永遠に誘われて高校でも柔道を続けることになり…?</div><div></div><div>今いちばん注目のスポーツ漫画!</div><div><p>リアルな女子高生たちが送る、ゆるくて熱い青春柔道コミック!</p><hr><p>After performing in their final middle school judo tournament, Michi and Sanae begin high school and walk in on Michi’s final opponent fighting to save their new high school’s judo club.</p></div>

Otoshite Kudasai! Megami-Sama!! Chapter 10
Comedy Romance Shounen Martial Arts


Kurogane No Valhallan Chapter 55
Fantasy Action Seinen Martial Arts

<p>元寇を生き延びた鎌倉武士・相馬鉄二朗は気が付くと見知らぬ場所にいた。 彼を連れてきたという少女・フリストから、ここは死んだ戦士の魂が集う館・ヴァルハラだと言われ…。 北欧神話の修羅の館に放り込まれた鉄二朗は、生き返るために様々な時代の「死戦士」たちと戦うことになり!? 死んでも戦うぶった斬り剣劇アクション開幕!!</p>

Katainaka No Ossan, Kensei Ni Naru ~Tada No Inaka No Kenjutsu Shihan Datta No Ni, Taisei Shita Deshi-Tachi Ga Ore Wo Hottekurenai Ken~ Chapter 13
Fantasy Martial Arts

<p>片田舎の村で細々と剣術道場を営む男、ベリル・ガーデナント。いつか夢見た剣士としての栄光はどこへやら。「しがないおっさん」を自称しながら過ごす今日この頃。“このまま静かに年を重ねていくのだろうか”そうぼんやり考えていたある日のこと、若くして王国騎士団長に昇り詰めたかつての教え子、アリューシアが訪れる。「先生を騎士団付きの特別指南役として推薦しました」「……ナンダッテ?」困惑したまま王都へ出立したベリルはさらに、最高位冒険者やエース魔術師など、大成した弟子と次々再会し、彼女たちから教えを請われてしまって!? 「絶対俺もう必要ないでしょ……」と、卑下するのはベリル本人ばかり。長年培われた剣術はもはや並ぶ者なく、彼の活躍は“片田舎の剣聖”と都で評判になっていき――「その称号、かっこ悪くない!?」最強の弟子たちの“師匠”が遂に報われる、おっさん成り上がりファンタジー!</p><hr><p>Beryl Gardenant is a man who runs a small swordsmanship dojo in a rural village. The glory he dreamed of as a swordsman is nowhere to be found. He spends his days calling himself a dull old man.</p><p>“Will I continue to grow old quietly like this?”</p><p>One day, one of his former students, Aleutia, who had risen to the rank of Knight Commander of the Kingdom at a young age, visited him.</p><p>“I have recommended you as a special instructor with the knight order.”</p><p>“……what??”</p><p>He has cultivated his swordsmanship over the years to the point where no one can match him, and his successes have earned him a reputation in the capital as a backwater swordmaster.</p><p>“Isn’t that title uncool?”</p>

Ankoku Kishi No Ore Desu Ga Saikyou No Seikishi Wo Mezashimasu Chapter 29.1
Fantasy Action Comedy Shounen Martial Arts

<p>Kai, who comes from a family that specialized in dark-style occupations, sought even greater strength.</p><p>One day, he saved the fourth royal princess who was under attack by monsters. This was the the trigger for him managing to join an academy that specializes in training people for holy occupations.</p><p>He endures training so incompatible with his physical constitution that it could make him faint, all to become the polar opposite of the strongest dark knight—the Kingdom’s strongest holy royal knight, The Royal Paladin.</p><p>An occupation-change drama of a genuine dark knight begins!!</p><p>“Now let us enjoy our deathmatch—to our hearts’ content”</p>

The Advanced Player Of The Tutorial Tower Chapter 125
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Shounen Martial Arts

<p>저주로 인해 튜토리얼 탑에 갇힌 헌터. 12년 만에 탑을 나가다!</p><hr><p>After being trapped for 12 years in a tower full of regenerating monsters, Hyeonu Kim is more powerful than just about any human or monster on Earth. Now that he’s free, he’s determined to find out who was behind his imprisonment, even if that means he has to kill hordes of monsters — and inadvertently save the world — along the way.</p>

Manager Kim Chapter 46
Action Mature Seinen Drama Martial Arts Mystery

<p>“제발 안경 쓴 아저씨는 건들지 말자…” 오직 자신의 딸 ‘민지’를 위해 특수요원직을 관두고 평범함을 선택한 가장 김부장. 그러던 어느 날 민지가 소리소문 없이 사라지고, 김부장은 자신을 감시하는 국가를 적으로 돌리면서까지 딸을 찾아나서기 시작하는데…</p><hr><p>Single father, company manager, and former black-ops member, Mr. Kim lived an ordinary life until his daughter, Minji, went missing. After discovering his daughter could be dead, Mr. Kim turns merciless and sets out for information. He will rescue his daughter by any means necessary, even if it means destroying everything and everyone standing in his path.</p>

Touhouyoi Chouka Routasuiitaa-Tachi No Yoiza Chapter 33
Adventure Fantasy Comedy Shounen Slice of Life Drama Martial Arts

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 106
Ecchi ECCHI Action Comedy Romance Shounen Martial Arts Supernatural Gender Bender

<p>妖怪「妖(あやかし)」がいる日本。祓忍の祭里は、幼なじみのすずを守るべく日々妖と戦う。だがそこに猫の妖シロガネが現れて?矢吹健太朗、新境地!あやかし恋愛ファンタジー!</p><hr><p>Ever since he was a boy, Matsuri Kazamaki has worked as an exorcist. Because his childhood friend Suzu Kanade attracts malicious spirits called ayakashi like moths to a flame, Matsuri is tasked with slaying any with ill intentions.</p><p>One day, an ayakashi named Shirogane notices the budding romance between these two childhood friends. Eager to both devour Suzu and foil Matsuri’s chance at love, he performs a forbidden spell…</p><p>The newest series by Kentaro Yabuki, creator of Black Cat and artist behind To Love Ru and Darling in the Franxx.</p>

His Majesty Secret Heroine Chapter 156
Adventure Fantasy Action Romance Josei Drama Martial Arts Historical Gender Bender

<p>연록흔 재련 (삽화추가본) (총5권/완결) 세트 상품 입니다.</p><p>설백빛 뜨락을 굽어보니 달이 사느랗게 서려있네.<br> 삭풍은 맵차 결 없으니 때 아닌 꽃조차 지누나.<br> 그 꽃 애참하게 붉으나 서린 그늘은 그저 검어<br> 설월위에 비친 그림자 하양 서럽고 서글프매<br> 눈시울이 우련 붉도다.</p><hr><p>Yeon Lokheun is a girl who grows up living as a boy learning martial and spiritual arts. She heads for the palace in order to clear the name of her father, a wanted criminal, where she meets the young Emperor Garyun. He promises to save her father’s life in exchange for her lifelong services. After gaining Garyun’s trust, she travels the world solving supernatural-like problems that arise in place of the Emperor. But how long can she continue this life without the others finding out that she is actually a woman?</p>

Wortenia Senki Chapter 45
Adventure Fantasy Action Harem Shounen Drama Martial Arts

<p>戦乱の続く異世界に召喚されてしまった高校生・御子柴亮真。 自分を召喚したオルトメア帝国が人を召喚しては使い潰す卑劣な勢力であることを知った彼は持ち前の武術を活かし、帝国の重要人物を殺害してオルトメアを出奔する。 ある日、盗賊たちに捕えられた双子の姉妹を救った亮真は、「法術」の力を持つ彼女たちを配下に服従を誓われたことをきっかけに、覇王としての道を歩み始める――。</p><hr><p>High school student Mikoshiba Ryouma was summoned to a different world in the middle of a war. Sensing the malice from the one who summoned him (a summoner of the O’ltormea empire), he uses his martial arts to run away, killing important people of the empire during his escape. After the escape, he rescues two twin sisters from the hands of thieves. The sisters who can use magic, swear to serve him as subordinates. Thus, Ryouma begins his journey on the path of the supreme ruler.</p>

Kensen Hyoukyoku Chapter 9
Fantasy Action Seinen Martial Arts

<p>強大な力を誇るジャン国の第三皇子セツカはカレンの剣術指導を受けながら、<br> 嫌みな二人兄と敵国の人質・スイラン、幼馴染みのシラハと日々を過ごしていた。<br> そんなある日ジャン国は敵国からの強襲を受ける!<br> だがその時、凄腕の飛剣術の使い手・コクヨウ率いる運び屋・花乱鏢局(からんひょうきょく)が現れた!</p><p>亡国の皇子という“荷物”となったセツカ、それを守り目的地まで送り届ける鏢局、大陸を駆ける壮大な物語譚が始まる――!!</p>

Shoukan Sareta Kenja Wa Isekai Wo Yuku – Saikyou Nano Wa Fuyou Zaiko No Item Deshita Chapter 32.1
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Seinen Drama Martial Arts Supernatural

<p>賢者なのにバーサーカー志望!? チートアイテムを駆使して異世界を駆け上がる!</p><hr><div class="sContent">Touya, the strongest player in the game Pandemic World Online, has won so many items that he decided to create an alternative account to store them, while playing he was summoned to another world, but not having the category of hero is discarded and replaced by another person, now he will have to survive only in that world and with the character he created to store those items.</div>

Max Level Returner Chapter 198
Adventure Fantasy Action Seinen Martial Arts Supernatural Tragedy

<p>전 세계 1억 2천만 명의 인구가 사라졌다. [최종 퀘스트 완료 보상 ‘귀환’이 시작됩니다] 22년 만에 최악의 생존게임을 클리어한 윤상혁. 일일군단, 플레이어 중 최강자라 불리던 그가 돌아왔다. 그 누구도 받지 못한 보상을 통해 모든 것을 가진 채로. [가면의 군주, 귀환] 나 혼자 만렙, 나 혼자 풀템, 나 혼자 사이다!</p><hr><p>120 million people have disappeared worldwide.</p><p>[Final Quest Completion Reward: ‘Return’ Activated]</p><p>For the first time in 22 years, Yoon Sang-Hyuk cleared the world’s worst survival game.<br> He, the so-called strongest person among all other players, one who possess all reward items even the ones that no one else could earn, has come back.</p><p>[Return of the Masked Monarch]</p>

Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-San Chapter 34
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Shounen Slice of Life Martial Arts

<p>謎の巨大地下迷宮「タルタロス」。そこでは日夜冒険者が鎬を削り、お宝目指して探索している。そんな「タルタロス」に挑んでいる新米冒険者(少年)・ラビはある悩みがあった。それは悪徳商人として名高い獣人娘・フィロに付きまとわれ、変な道具を買わされるのだった!! とんでもないウザ絡みをされるは、毎回押し付けられる道具でひどい目(たまにエロ)にあうラビ。果たして、ラビの冒険はどうなってしまうのか!?<br> こんなウザ可愛すぎる美人にならなんでも買っちゃう!? 商人イチャコメファンタジー!!!</p><hr><p>The mysterious giant underground labyrinth “Tartaros”. There, adventurers day and night venture looking for treasures and other riches. The rookie adventurer Rabi who has challenged the dungeon, due to his bad luck, falls into a trap. It is at that moment when he meets a beast woman merchant Firo, with whom he makes a deal to be her #1 customer.</p><p>What will happen on Rabi’s adventure? Will he continue to buy items from this beauty!</p><p>Fantasy comedy about the rookie adventurer Rabi (shouta) and the merchant beast woman Firo (ponkotsu) !!</p>

Poison Dragon: The Legend Of An Asura Chapter 101
Adventure Fantasy Action Shounen Drama Martial Arts

<p>유구한 역사를 자랑하는 약문(藥門)들의 잇따른 멸문지화. 시체가 산처럼 쌓이고 피가 바다처럼 흐르는 절망의 지옥에서 마침내 수라(修羅)가 눈을 뜬다. – 하나도 남김없이 모두 죽일 것이다. 놈들을 전부 죽일 때까지 절대로 끝내지 않아. 약문 백화절곡의 유일한 생존자 진자강. 먼 훗날 강호 무림사에 전설로 기록될 한 사내의 고독한 복수행이 시작된다!</p><hr><p>The long history of the Medical Sect is followed by complete and utter annihilation.</p><p>In a hellhole of despair, where corpses pile up like mountains and blood flows like the sea, ‘Asura’ finally awakens.</p><p>– I’ll kill every single one of them.<br> It won’t be over until I’ve killed them all.</p><p>The sole survivor of the Medical Sect’s, Jin Ja Gang –</p><p>Follow his lonesome path to vengeance!</p>

The Ember Knight Chapter 79
Adventure Fantasy Action Martial Arts Psychological

<p>유일한 가족이자, 최고의 기사 유망주였던 쌍둥이 동생이 살해당했다. 천재적이었던 동생과는 달리 무예에 재능이 전혀 없지만, 동생의 복수를 위해 ‘강함’을 연기하기로 결심했다. 약해빠진 나는 복수에 성공할 수 있을까.</p><hr><p>When Nagyunn’s twin brother, Najin, is murdered before his very eyes, he vows to avenge his brother’s death by assuming Najin’s identity. But although the two may look alike, when it comes to fighting, Nagyunn lacks the talent and skill his brother possessed. In order to successfully execute his plot for revenge, Nagyunn resolves to train himself to become the prodigious knight-in-training his brother once was. Will Nagyunn be able to keep his identity a secret before others begin to catch on to his act?</p>

Batuque Chapter 130
Action Mature Seinen Drama Martial Arts

<div class="sContent">The story of a middle school girl trying to find herself in the confusion of adolescence. Skateboard-loving Ichiri Sanjou, nicknamed “Icchi,” may look like a normal energetic kid, but whenever she sees the full moon, she is hit with a wave of emotion she cannot comprehend. The series revolves around her learning the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.</div>

Tenkaichi – Nihon Saikyou Mononofu Ketteisen Chapter 21
Fantasy Action Mature Seinen Martial Arts Historical

<p>時は西暦1600年。“織田信長”が全国統一してから10年が経過していた――。信長は自分の死期を悟ると、最強の武芸者を輩出したものに“この国”を譲ると発表。天下統一の夢破れた武将たちは、それぞれ最強の武芸者を擁立し、この国の王を目指す! 第一試合は“天下無双槍”本田忠勝(後援:徳川家康)vs.“進化する天稟”宮本武蔵(後援:長宗我部元親)!!!!! 誰もが夢見た異種武術時代絵巻、堂々開幕!!!!!!!!</p><hr><p>Battle tournament manga set in the Sengoku era.</p><p>The year is 1600. “Ten years have passed since Oda Nobunaga unified the whole country. When Nobunaga realized that he was dying, he announced that he would hand over the country to the one who produced the strongest warriors. The warlords, whose dreams of unifying the country had been dashed, set up their own strongest warriors and set their sights on becoming the king of this country!</p><p>The first match will be between “Tenka Muso Yari” Honda Tadakatsu (supported by Tokugawa Ieyasu) vs. “Evolving Tenkin” Miyamoto Musashi (supported by Chosokabe Motochika) !!!!! Everyone’s dream of a different kind of martial arts historical picture scroll opens with a bang!!!!!!!!</p>

Shinmai Ossan Bouken-Sha, Saikyou Paati Ni Shinu Hodo Kitae Rarete Muteki Ni Naru Chapter 35.2
Adventure Fantasy Action Shounen Drama Martial Arts

<p>『冒険者になるのはできるだけ若いうちがいい』そんなことは常識だ。冒険者の強さの基礎である「魔力」は若いうちに鍛えなければ、ほとんど伸びないからである。 しかしその男、なんと30歳を過ぎてから冒険者を目指したリック・グラディアートルは、新米ながらも最高位であるSランク並みの戦闘力を有していた!? 実はリックは、大陸最強の冒険者が集う伝説のパーティ「オリハルコン・フィスト」のメンバーによって想像を絶する日常を過ごしてきたのだ。 ドラゴンからヴァンパイアまで、文字通り「モンスター」級の師匠たちに鍛え上げられた戦闘力で、リックはなめてかかってくるエリート冒険者を次々にねじ伏せていく。</p><hr><p>“You should be as young as possible to be an adventurer.” That is common sense.&nbsp;This is because the “magical power” that is the basis of an adventurer’s strength hardly grows unless he is trained while he is young.&nbsp;However, the man, Rick Gladiartre, who aimed to become an adventurer after he was 30 years old, had the fighting power of S rank, which is the highest rank even though he was a newcomer !? In fact, Rick is the strongest on the continent. The members of the legendary party “Orichalcum Fist” where adventurers gather have spent an unimaginable daily life.&nbsp;From dragons to vampires, with the fighting power trained by literally “monster” -class masters, Rick defeats the elite adventurers who are licking one after another.</p>

The Holy Knight’S Dark Road Chapter 18
Adventure Fantasy Comedy Shounen School Life Slice of Life Drama Martial Arts

<p>世界を司る女神から溺愛されるセインは、史上最強の聖騎士として崇められながらも、とある理由から暗黒騎士を目指している。闇魔法を修得するため、身分を隠して他国の魔法学園に入学したところ、自作の黒ずくめの改造制服が悪目立ちして変質者扱いされた上に、闇魔法の適性が皆無なため落ちこぼれの烙印まで押されてしまって――。</p><hr><p>Young Sain Forth has it made; as the famed Holy Knight, he has the people’s love, the respect of kings, and the blessings of a literal goddess. His aspirations lie elsewhere, though. With his assistant Melia at his side, he leaves for an academy in a foreign kingdom, where he is treated as a deviant by his peers. It’s his own fault, mind you—his stubborn insistance on wearing a custom, all-black uniform makes him stick out. He isn’t the only outcast in his class: Alicia, born into the Clan of Light but unable to use anything but fire magic, faces similar struggles, and the two quickly become allies. Alicia proposes that they enter the labyrinth below the school in search of a holy sword, but Sain has other plans in mind: a doom sword. And so, with his friends in tow, Sain ventures into the perilous unknown, driven by a wish to become the coolest, edgiest, most awesome thing in existence: a Dark Knight. There’s just one problem. He can’t use dark magic. Like, at all.</p>

Hoshi Kiri No Kenshi Chapter 8
Fantasy Action Mature Shounen Seinen Martial Arts Psychological

<p>平凡な村人ユリウスは8歳の誕生日に、それは一人の剣士の生涯を夢に見た。<br> その剣士は、己の剣の強さを証明するため、『星を斬る』という途方もない夢を抱いていた。<br> しかし、剣士は『星斬り』の夢を果たすことはできなかった…。<br> ユリウスは剣士の夢に憧れ、自らも『星斬りの剣士』となるべく、戦いに身を投じていく――。</p>

Magica Technica ~Sword Demon Rakshasa’S Vrmmo Battle Record~ Chapter 9.3
Adventure Fantasy Action Sci-fi Seinen Martial Arts

<p>先代である祖父を倒したことにより、現代最強の剣術流派「久遠神通流」の当主となってしまった青年、久遠総一。その強さにもはや敵はなく、退屈な日々を送る総一だったが、ある日弟子の明日香に最新VRゲーム『マギカテクニカ』を勧められる。 リアルと同じ感覚を得られるマギカテクニカの中で「クオン」となった総一は、まだ見ぬ強敵を求め歩み出す…!!</p>

Sobiwaku Zero No Saikyou Kenshi Demo, Noroi No Soubi (Kawai) Nara 9999-Ko Tsuke-Hodai Chapter 36.1
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Shounen Slice of Life Horror Martial Arts

<p>装備品を装備できる数=「装備枠」が全てを制す世界。<br> 冒険者に憧れてきた青年ノロアの装備枠は…まさかのゼロ!<br> しかし呪いの装備なら9999個つけ放題で!?<br> ある日出逢った謎の少女人形に導かれ、呪われた剣(チート)を手にしたことからノロアの冒険は始まる!!</p><hr><p>In the world where “gears” determine life. “Noroa the Zero”, who has zero ability to hold the gear, is totally worthless human. However, in fact, he can hold 9,999 gears, but only “cursed gears”.</p>

Kenshirou Ni Yoroshiku Chapter 76
Action Comedy Seinen Martial Arts

<p>子供の頃ヤクザに母を奪われ復讐を誓った少年は、暗殺拳を学び一人前の漢へと成長する。しかし、”天才”となった彼の拳に宿ったのはコロシの技術ではなく人をシアワセにするテクニックで……⁉ 全世界を震撼させたギャグ漫画「Back Street Girls」のジャスミン・ギュが描く、天才指圧師伝説ギャグコメディ!!</p><hr><p>The “love, revenge, and slight euphoria” story centers on a young man who swears revenge against the yakuza. He studies the art of the “assassination fist” with all his might, and becomes an adult. But this man who is a genius at his martial art form realizes his techniques cannot actually be used to kill anyone.</p>

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan: Hokkaidou Hen Chapter 47
Action Comedy Romance Shounen Drama Martial Arts Historical

<p>明治十六年。剣心が不殺を誓った流浪人として東京に流れ着いて5年。神谷道場に、剣心の宿敵・志々雄の遺刀「無限刃」を継ぐ青年・明日郎と、白人との混血児・阿爛、更に謎の女・旭を道場に迎え、かくも平穏な日々を過ごしていた。<br> そんな中、西南戦争で死んだはずの薫の父・越路郎が北海道・函館で生きていることが判明。剣心と薫は越路郎を迎えに函館に行く事を決める。</p><p>&nbsp;</p><div class="slide2"><p> 剣心たちが小樽での激戦を終え、函館に帰還する1週間前。劍客兵器の実検戦闘を阻止するため、小樽と札幌を手分けして対処しようと、剣心たちが小樽へ向かうのと同時に札幌へと向かった斎藤と永倉、三島の三人。</p><p>札幌での実検戦闘はすでに始まっているようで、数日の間に官僚とその付き人が相次いで暗殺され、その現場には劍客兵器部隊将の署名が残されているのだという。<br> さっそく札幌で地元警察の捜査に加わる斎藤と永倉。二人は、狙われている官僚の中から一人囮役を用意してもらい、二人で護衛に着き、現れる劍客兵器を返り討ちにし捕らえる作戦を立案。囮となる役人の用意を頼むのだった。</p><p>伝説の新撰組の二人の参加に、若い警官隊たちは全面協力する姿勢を見せるも、作戦指揮をする元・維新志士の上官・伊知川には面白くない状況に。しかし、伊知川はそんな煙たい二人に押し付けるのに最適の役人を囮役としてあてがうことを思いつき―――!?</p><hr></div><p>It is the 16th year of the Meiji era. Five years have passed since Kenshin Himura stopped the uprising of Makoto Shishio. Though the flames of his budding revolution were extinguished, the scars left in its wake are still felt across Japan. Remnants of his group—though scattered—still exist. Some have found peace while others continue to fight.<br> After a remaining faction tried to revive the revolution, Shishio’s old sword fell into the hands of Ashitarou Hasegawa, an orphan boy who has never known a home. The conflict also leaves both Aran Inoue, a 16-year-old half-Japanese, half-American boy, and a mercenary girl named Asahi Kubota with a hefty price to pay off, with nowhere else to go. But luckily for these individuals, the Kamiya dojo has always been a place to accept wanderers without prying into their pasts.<br> The three are keen to start fresh, so when two members of Asahi’s former clan show up demanding her return, Asahi refuses and things start to get ugly. In the midst of the chaos, the clan members drop a package containing a picture of dojo proprieter Kaoru Kamiya’s presumably deceased father and his location—Hakodate, Hokkaido. With only this information, the members of the Kamiya dojo embark on an adventure across the sea in the hopes of finding news about Kaoru’s father and the reason he is being targeted.</p>