Ekijin No Karute Raw Chapter 10
Fantasy Medical

<p>「疫神症候群」それは超常能力を発現し、やがて死に至る病。 発症原因は一切不明。対症療法以外の治療法は無し。ある日突然、家族が、友人が、自分自身が、発症し、死神となる。 しかし、絶望的な病に対し、抗い、戦う者たちがいた。 「医療遂行機構 対疫神専門機関”罹疫部隊”」 彼らは自身が疫神症候群を発症しながらも、その超能力を武器として、患者の救命に挑む。今目の前にある命のため、やがて来るべき病への 勝利のため、医者は戦う。</p><hr><p>“Peaceful Syndrome” It is a disease that develops paranormal ability and eventually leads to death. The cause of the onset is completely unknown. There is no treatment other than symptomatic treatment. Suddenly one day, a family member, a friend, and oneself develop and become a god of death. However, there were those who resisted and fought against the desperate illness. “Medical Execution Organization Anti-epidemic deity specialized agency” Epidemic unit “” Although they develop epidemic syndrome, they use their supernatural powers as weapons to save the lives of patients. Doctors fight for the life in front of them and for the victory over the upcoming illness.</p>