Catching Two Birds With One Sweet Princess Chapter 88
Fantasy Comedy Romance Historical Shoujo

<p>납치된 남자주인공에게 빠져 폭군 오빠를 배신했다가, 단명하는 개미 조연에 빙의했다. 원작대로라면 남주에게 홀려 그의 탈출을 도와야 하는데…. 원작? 알 게 뭐람. 일단 나부터 살아야 할 것 아니야. 우선 날 언제 죽일지 모를 무서운 오빠부터 꼬셔보기로 했다. 했는데…. “겁도 없이 내 동생을 건드렸으면 책임을 져야지. 골라 봐. 투옥, 유배, 사형. 못 고르겠으면 셋 다 해도 좋고.” …꼬실 필요가 없는데? 이 오빠가 갑자기 왜 이럴까. “돌아가고 싶지</p><hr><p>After awakening in a webnovel as Princess Clara, this former office worker isn’t getting the royal treatment. As the shy sister of the tyrannical King Bastian, she’s immediately faced with disdain and so much drama! Plus her character’s destined to be seduced by his latest hostage, Crown Prince Daniel, accused of betrayal, and executed. But Clara’s got a backbone and a plan to win over her brother. She’s ready to take control, slap some sense into meddling nobles and servants, and resist the charms of her handsome (really handsome) charge!</p>

The Best Assassin, Incarnated Into A Different World’S Aristocrat Chapter 21
Ecchi ECCHI Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Harem Romance Seinen Drama

<p>世界一の暗殺者が、暗殺貴族の長男に転生した。彼が異世界で請け負ったミッションは【人類に厄災をもたらすと予言された《勇者》を殺すこと】。現代であらゆる暗殺を可能にした幅広い知識と経験、そして異世界最強と謳われた暗殺者一族の秘術と魔法。そのすべてが相乗効果をうみ、彼は史上並び立つものがいない暗殺者へと成長していく。「面白い、まさか生まれ変わってもまた暗殺することになるとはね」――転生した”伝説の暗殺者”が更なる高みへと駆け上がる! 限界突破のアサシンズ・ファンタジー!!</p><hr><p>The eldest son of the assassin aristocrat Tuatha Dé.<br> The skill, experience, knowledge of the previous life, magic, all of which grows his power as an assassin.<br> Excellent assassins pass through. He was usually admired as the ideal lord, and behind it wielded a blade as an assassin aristocrat.</p>

Bring The Love Chapter 134
Comedy Romance Drama Historical Shoujo

<p>아름다운 외모와 멋진 매너로 사교계에서도 인기가 높은 힐데브란트가의 장녀 레아. 하지만 그녀에겐 누구에게도 말 못할 고민거리가 있다. 집안의 후계였던 남동생 리히트의 가출 사건이 바로 그것! 멋진 남자가 되어 돌아오겠다는 편지 하나 달랑 남긴 동생은 생사를 알 수 없는 데다, 갑작스런 아버지의 죽음으로 임시 가주 자리를 맡게 된 레아는 집안의 가주 자리를 지키기 위해, 자신에게 힘이 되어 줄 정략결혼 상대를 찾기로 결심하는데…!! 시작은 정략이지만 알고</p><hr><p>Leah, the eldest daughter of the Hildebrandt family, is very popular in society for her beautiful appearance and good manners, but she has a problem she can’t tell anyone about. Her brother, Richt, who was the heir to the family, left behind a letter saying he would come back after becoming a great man. As it is not known whether Richt is dead or alive, and since her father suddenly dies, Leah decides to find a partner for a political marriage in order to support herself and retain her family’s position. However, something that starts as a mere political trick turns out to be fate!</p>

For Stella Chapter 52
Fantasy Romance School Life Drama Shoujo

<p>그녀가 죽었다.<br> 데이나가 죽었다.<br> 자신을 감싸고 죽어버렸다.<br> 차갑게 식어가면서도 행복하라 했다.</p><p>그래서 살았다. 마지막의 마지막 사랑하는 연인과 재회했다.<br> 어째서?<br> 어째서 전혀 행복하지 않은 거지?</p><p>속이 텅 비어버렸다.<br> 텅 빈 곳에 바람이 불어 시리도록 춥기만 했다.</p><p>그리고 돌아왔다.</p><p>그녀가 아직 살아 있다.<br> 데이나가 아직 살아 있다.<br> 품에 안은 작은 몸이 따끈따끈 했다.</p><hr><p>In order to return to her original world, she must find a way meet her end. However the male lead who’s traveled back in time, keeps preventing her death.</p><p>Dana is a side character destined to die in order for the leading couple, Arcane and Stella, to become happy. So, to get back to my original world, I have to do my best to fulfil my role…! But, why is the male lead so obsessed with me all of a sudden? And why do I get the feeling he’s purposely going against the flow of the original…?</p><p>“I won’t let you die again because of me, Dana”</p>

The World Of Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs Chapter 46
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Harem Romance Shounen School Life Sci-fi Drama Mecha

<p>転生したら「女尊男卑」な、乙女ゲー世界でした!!!</p><p>モブからだって成り上がれ!<br> イケメン死すべし!<br> 剣と魔法の異世界ファンタジー!!!</p><p>剣と魔法の“乙女ゲー”の世界に転生した、<br> 元日本の社会人だったリオンは、その女尊男卑な世界に絶望する。</p><p>この世界では、男なぞは女性を養うだけの家畜のようなものであった。<br> 例外なのは、ゲームで攻略対象であった王太子率いるイケメン軍団ぐらいである。</p><p>そんな理不尽な境遇において、リオンはある一つの武器を持っていた。<br> 前世で生意気な妹に無理矢理攻略させられていたこのゲームの知識である。</p><p>本当は田舎に引きこもりのんびりとしたいリオンだったが<br> その知識を使い、やりたい放題の女どもとイケメンに、はからずも反旗を翻すのだった。<br> ド外道主人公による、爽快(?)下克上ファンタジー、コミカライズでも開演!</p><hr><p>Leon, a former Japanese worker, was reincarnated into an “otome game” world, and despaired at how it was a world where females hold dominance over males. It was as if men were just livestock that served as stepping stones for females in this world. The only exceptions were the game’s romantic targets, a group of handsome men led by the crown prince. In these bizarre circumstances, Leon held one weapon: his knowledge from his previous world, where his brazen sister had forced him to complete this game. This is a story about his adventure to survive and thrive in this world.</p>

Yonshimai (Elf) Wa Yoru O Omachikane Chapter 12
Ecchi ECCHI Fantasy Harem Romance Shounen

<p>四姉妹 (エルフ) は夜をおまちかね | 「四姉妹は夜をおまちかね」の主人公・榛夜明(はしばみよあけ)は、とある事情から「定期的にイタズラをせずにはいられない」という生まれながらの衝動を抱える男子。他人の家に忍び込み宿題を代わりにやっておくといった無害なイタズラを夜な夜な行っているが、そのせいで自分の勉強は手に付かず、おまけに寝不足と悩み多き日々を過ごしていた。第1話ではそんな彼がクラスメイトの女子・山指星音の家に招かれ、彼女とその姉妹にイタズラをしてほしいとお願いをされる。</p><hr><div class="sContent">Who will you “play” with tonight—? A sweet and sugary harem romantic comedy about sleeping with elves ♡</div>

Gun-Ota Ga Mahou Sekai Ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki De Guntai Harem Wo Tsukucchaimashita!? Chapter 81
Ecchi ECCHI Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Harem Romance Shounen

<p>Hotta Youta is killed while returning home from work on a cold evening. He wakes up being carried by a bunny-eared woman.</p><p>Featuring Reincarnation, Guns and Harem, it’s a Gun vs Magic Story that gives Youta a new life… and an edge!</p>

Kill The Villainess Chapter 65
Fantasy Romance Josei Drama Psychological

<p>소설 속 악녀, 에리스 미제리안 착하고 사랑스러운 주인공 헬레나를 질투해 음모를 꾸미다 사형당하는 후작가의 외동딸 그녀에게 빙의한 나 의 목표는 오직 이 세계를 탈출해서 집으로 돌아가는 것 그것을 위해서라면 죽음도 불사하겠노라 각오했지만 나 를 옭아맨 세계의 법칙은 끈질기기만 하다 예전과는 달라진 에리스의 모습에 에리스를 증오하던 소설 속 세 남주, 황태자와 대신관, 용사마저 시선을 보내기 시작하는데…</p><hr><p>Eris Miserian just wants to die.<br> Being overworked and underappreciated in the real world wasn’t great, but living as the villainess in a romance novel is even worse. If Eris can die in the novel, she might be able to return to reality, but the story won’t let her. Desperate to escape a life as the protagonist’s tormentor, she sets off on a journey with the help of a witch, a knight, and a high priest. Can she find her way back to her friends and family, or is Eris doomed to a fictional future?</p>

Princess Of Doom Chapter 66
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p>마왕 카온은 금기를 깨고 죽은 연인을 되살리려 한다.<br> 그러나 마법은 예상을 벗어나 새로운 존재를 만들어내는데.<br> 죽은 연인과 똑같은 외모의 어린 여자 아이.<br> 그러나 영혼은 한국인 여성 ‘이 은’.</p><p>마왕은 실패작인 아이를 죽이려 했으나<br> 죽은 연인의 유언과 관련되었다는 생각에 그대로 공주로 삼고<br> 그렇게 인류 최고의 대마법사 ‘아셀라’와 마왕 카온의 힘이 섞인 유일무이한 존재<br> ‘루 시아나 로드 문 블러드 레인‘이 탄생한다.</p><p>하지만 그것은 마왕의 입장이고!<br> 이 은은 무려 복권 1등에 당첨된 날 갑작스럽게 이세계로 떨어진 것이었는데!</p><p>“돌려 보내줘! 난 현대에서 행복해질 수 있었다고!”</p><p>하지만 왜 점점 이곳이 더 마음에 드는 걸까?<br> 파멸의 예언은 또 뭐지?</p><p>비밀이 가득한 세상에서,<br> 현대에는 없었던 친구와 가족, 우정과 사랑을 만나게 되며<br> 과거의 아픔마저 치유되는 새로운 인생이 펼쳐진다.</p><p>“아셀라, 이유를 알려줘.”</p><p>우리가 왜 만났는지.</p><hr><p>Eun Lee has had an eventful day. First, she won the lottery. Then, she was summoned to a mystical realm by the Demon King, Kaon Mahana Lord Moon Blood Rain, and was newly named Rue, princess of the demon realm. Eun demands to be returned to her original world so she can collect her winnings, but Kaon wonders if she has something to do with his late lover’s will. Eun surprises herself by adjusting to her new and unfamiliar life, but will she ever truly let go of her past and find happiness here?</p>

It Was A Mistake, Grand Duke! Chapter 44
Fantasy Comedy Romance Historical Shoujo

<p>짝사랑하는 대공님을 실수로 납치해버렸다!<br> 이 일을 수습해 줄 테니 계약 연애를 하자는 대공님의 제안을, 덜컥 받아들였는데…….<br> “비비안. 키스해도 됩니까?”<br> 네? 우리 연애 시작하자마자 키스하는 건가요?<br> “키스하고, 그다음 진도도 나가고, 저랑 결혼하죠, 비비안.”<br> ……큰일 났다. 아무래도 대공님이 제정신이 아닌 것 같은데……!<br> 이 연애, 정말 괜찮은 걸까?</p><p>로맨스 판타지 인기작! 시세Sisse 작가님의 &lt;대공님, 실수였어요!&gt; 본격 웹툰화!!<br> 토끼 같은 비비안과 계략남 레녹스의 꽁냥꽁냥함을 웹툰으로 만나보세요!</p><hr><p>I accidentally kidnapped the grand duke I have a one-sided love for! I ended up accepting the grand duke’s proposal to have a contractual relationship in return for fixing this issue, but…</p><p>“Vivian. May I kiss you?”</p><p>Huh? Are we kissing as soon as we started dating?</p><p>“We’ll kiss, then we’ll take things further, and then let’s get married, Vivian.”</p><p>…I’m in big trouble. I don’t think the grand duke is in his right mind…! Is this relationship really okay?</p>

The Story Of The Hated Mule Chapter 88
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p><span id="freeText7880126499035042694">“이게 그 여자의 딸이라고?”</span></p><p>고귀한 아델하이트 여왕의 사생아로서 젖 떼기도 전에 버림받고<br> 천덕꾸러기 신세로 방치되어 자랐던 소녀 타라는</p><p>어느날 얼굴 한번 본 적 없는 악명 높은 서부의 대마법사 쥬다에게 보내진다.</p><p>타라의 후견인이라는 그의 비인간적으로 차가운 아름다움에 그녀는 압도되고,<br> 그와 성의 식구들은 여왕을 혐오하며 조그만 계집아이를 꺼림칙하게 여긴다.</p><p>허나, 소녀의 순수하고 애처로운 사랑스러움은<br> 냉랭한 불사의 마도사의 심장마저 녹여버리는데……</p><p>“애교 부리지 마. 여우 같으니라고.”<br> “왜 자꾸 나한테 여우라고 해요?”</p><p>“그 애가 설사 파멸이라해도 상관없어. 나에게 삶과 파멸은 매한가지니까.”</p><p>오직 한 소녀에게만 다정한 집착 냉혈 ‘후견인’과<br> 상처 많은 조그만 ‘아가씨’의 힐링 키잡 로맨스.</p><hr><p>“This is her daughter?”</p><p>Tara, the illegitimate daughter of the noble Queen Adelaide, was thrown away as a baby and raised by poor relatives. They sent her to a notorious mage in the west named Judas, whom she had never met before.</p><p>While she is overwhelmed by her so-called guardian’s impossible beauty, he and the others in the castle treat her warily, hateful of the queen.</p><p>However, the girl’s lovable innocence and pitiful nature begin to melt the immortal magician’s frozen heart…</p><p>“Stop acting cute. You’re like a vixen.”</p><p>“Why do you keep calling me a vixen?”</p><p>“I don’t care if that child is broken. To me, life and destruction are one and the same.”</p><p>A healing romance blooms between an obsessive and frigid ‘guardian’ that only shows kindness to one girl, and a little ‘miss’ scarred by her past.</p>

Princess Shuden Chapter 58
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p>몰락 귀족 가문에서 기사의 딸로 태어나 서글픈 생을 살았던 발리아.<br> 그녀에게 다시 한번, 기회가 찾아온다. 회귀한 생을 더 행복하게, 돈 걱정 없이 살기 위해 신전의 공녀가 되기로 한 발리아.<br> 제국의 제일가는 미남이자 최고위 귀족인 슈덴의 아내가 되는데…!<br> 슈덴의 공녀, 발리아. 과연 그녀의 운명은?</p><hr><p>Valia was born into a fallen noble family as the daughter of a knight and lived a sad life. Then, the opportunity of a second life comes to her.</p><p>‘Should I live like that again?’</p><p>No, she won’t!</p><p>Valia decides to become a temple princess in order to live a happier life without having to worry about money. But then, as a princess, she becomes the wife of Shuden, the most handsome man and highest-ranking noble in the Empire…!</p><p>But in the future, Shuden falls in love with a new woman from another world. Valia knows this, but she can’t get away from Shuden, who is in love with her!</p><p>Valia, Shuden’s princess–what is her fate?</p><p>“You are the only one in my life that I will love. If I break my oath…I will pay for it with my life.”</p>

Dear My Friend (Muso) Chapter 57
Fantasy Romance Drama Shoujo

<p><span id="freeText9030392620605395572">더 이상의 호구는 사절이야!</span></p><p>마리스텔라의 인생에서 주인공은 늘 친구였던 도로테아였다.<br> 마리스텔라는 도로테아를 돋보이기 위한 조연에 지나지 않았다.<br> 그녀는 위기에 처한 친구를 구하기 위해 동분서주했고, 친구의 행복을 위해 희생했지만,<br> 돌아오는 것은 오히려 배신이었다.</p><p>도로테아는 자신의 이익을 위해 마리스텔라를 죽음으로 내몰았다.</p><p>“우린 친구잖아, 마리.”</p><p>그리고 내가 빙의한 사람은 비참하게 죽은 마리스텔라였다.</p><p>“그러니까 양보 좀 해, 응?”</p><p>여전히 ‘친구’라는 이름으로 희생을 강요하는 도로테아를 쳐다보면서, 나는 다짐했다.<br> 절대 소설에서처럼 비참한 결말은 맞이하지 않겠다고.</p><p>“내가 아는 영애 같지 않네요. 마치 다른 사람 같아요.”<br> “더 이상 도로테아에게 호구 잡히지 않겠다고 마음먹었거든요.”</p><p>나는 마리스텔라처럼 착하지 않았다.<br> 그러니 이번에는 당하고만 있지 않아, 도로테아.</p><p>무소 작가의 로맨스판타지 소설 &lt;디어 마이 프렌드&gt;</p><hr><p>Oh Mari was a completely ordinary Korean woman until she reincarnated in the novel “My Dorothea” as the heroine’s best friend, Maristella Janice La Bellefleur.</p><p>Aware of the fact that the heroine, Dorothea, ends up betraying Maristella, which leads to her execution, she vows to do her utmost to survive and live her new life to the fullest!</p><p>***********</p><p>No more pushovers!</p><p>The main character in Maristella’s life was her friend Dorothea. Maristella was no more than a supporting role, and she struggled and sacrificed herself for her friend’s happiness, only to be betrayed in return.</p><p>Dorothea threw Maristella to her death for her own benefit.</p><p>“We’re friends, Marie.”</p><p>It was Maristella who died miserably.</p><p>“So make a concession, will you?”</p><p>As I watched Dorothea sacrifice her “friend”, I vowed never to have a miserable ending like that novel.</p><p>“You don’t seem like the person I know. It’s like you’re a different person.”</p><p>“I decided I would not be subservient to Dorothea anymore.”</p><p>I wouldn’t be as kind-hearted as Maristella. So this time I won’t suffer, Dorothea.</p>

Angelic Lady Chapter 100
Fantasy Romance Drama Shoujo

<p>안젤라는 나의 친구였다.<br> 가족보다 소중하게 생각했던 그녀에게 무엇이든 해주고 싶었고,<br> 시골 출신의 하급 귀족이던 안젤라를 결국에는 수도 사교계의 꽃으로 만들었다.<br> 하지만 돌아온 것은 배신이었다.<br> 그녀는 황태자비가 되기 위해 나와 나의 가문을 팔아넘겼다.<br> “… 꼭 이렇게까지 해야했어?”<br> “나는 네가 불행하길 원했으니까. 네 인생을 전부 뺏고 싶었어.”<br> 하지만 단두대 아래서 죽었다고 생각했을때, 나는 놀랍게도 과거로 돌아와 있었다.<br> “아, 안녕하세요, 저는 안젤라 비토라고 해요…..”<br> “네가 안젤라구나! 만나서 반가워, 다들 널 기다리고 있었어.”<br> 환한 미소를 지으며 다시 만난 그녀의 두 손을 맞잡았다.</p><hr><p>My best friend betrayed me! Born from a low-ranking noble family, Angela grew to be renowned for her beauty and grace, becoming the prized angel of society, all with my enthusiastic support. Yet beneath that glitz and polish, she was simply… evil. She used me and had me killed out of sheer spite in her quest to become the empire’s greatest woman. But unlucky for her, a magical gift from a dragon has given me a second chance at life. No longer blinded by her light, I’ll do all I can to stop her!</p>

Villains Behind The Curtains Chapter 44
Fantasy Romance Josei Historical Psychological

<p><span id="freeText4528886752288719826">‘나는 소설 속 악녀 ‘시리아나’로 빙의했다.</span></p><p>시리에나의 어머니는 흑막을 데려와 세뇌시켜 자신의 이익을 위해 이용하려 하고 있었다.</p><p>세뇌의 내용은 두 가지.<br> 가문의 사람들에게 복종할 것.<br> 그리고 시리에나, 그러니까 나를 사랑할 것.<br> 덕분에 세뇌를 당한 흑막은 나한테 광적으로 집착을 한다.<br> 흑막, 그러니까 아제스터에게 걸린 세뇌를 풀어주야겠다고 마음먹은 나는 오랜 노력 끝에 성공하지만…,</p><p>이게 무슨 상황이지?<br> “세뇌가 풀렸으니 이젠 내 마음대로 할 겁니다. 그러니 시리에나, 부디 열심히 발악해 보세요.”</p><p>세뇌를 풀어주자 다른 의미로 전보다 더 미친 듯이 집착하는 흑막. 아니, 그건 내 착각이겠지?</p><hr><p>She has long lashes, radiant crimson eyes, and silver hair like an angel’s… but she’s no angel—she’s the villainess Syriana Malforte… and I’ve been isekaied into her body! The House of Malforte has many gifted mages, but none at the level of Duke Azester. My evil mother brainwashed him into falling in love with me, and I coldly used him until his final breath. But with this second chance, I vow to set him free and return him to a sound state of mind. But how? And my heart aches to know… will Az still love me once he’s free?</p>

Depths Of Malice Chapter 49
Mature Romance Josei Drama Adult Smut

<p>“프라우드 카터, 내 인생은 그 놈 때문에 망했어!”</p><p>귀족 영애였던 리타는 그 놈 때문에 시한부 술집 작부가 되었다.<br> 복수를 하고 싶어도 쥘 칼날이 없는 나날들.</p><p>그런 리타에게 이국의 주술사가 제안했다.<br> “당신의 낡은 몸을 새 육신과 맞바꿔 드리겠습니다.”<br> 주술사의 마법으로 시한부 작부 리타는 백작가의 영애, 베르타 알베르하트로 다시 태어날 수 있었다.</p><p>하지만 베르타는 알지 못했다.</p><p>“아가씨, 제가 아가씨의 몸을 준비시켜 드리겠습니다.”<br> “다른 사람한테 범해지는 당신의 모습, 너무 아름다워.”<br> “아름다운 숙녀에게 이정도 대가는 바라도 되겠지요.”</p><p>아름다운 베르타의 몸을 노리는 적이 사방에 깔려 있었다는 것을!</p><p>하지만 이제는 당하고만 있을 베르타가 아니다.<br> ‘힘없는 자의 악의는 꽃피기도 전에 스러진다. 하지만 지금의 나는 달라.’<br> 넘쳐나는 돈과 백작 지위. 아름다운 얼굴과 몸을 이용해 복수에 한 발짝씩 다가가는 베르타.</p><p>과연 베르타의 칼날은 원수를 찌를 수 있을까?</p><hr><p>“Proud Carter, it’s all thanks to you my life has been ruined!”</p><p>Rita, a lady of a noble, became a bar waitress for li because of him. There are many days when she wants revenge, but doesn’t have a blade to hold on to. One day, a foreign shaman suggested to Rita, “I will exchange your old body for a new one.”<br> With the shaman’s magic, Rita, the countess’s daughter, was able to be reborn as Bertha Alberthart.</p>

Kamen Rider W: Fuuto Tantei Chapter 118
Action Mature Romance Sci-fi Seinen

<p>『仮面ライダーW』正統続編始動!小さな幸せも、大きな不幸も、常に風が運んでくる風の街・風都。左翔太郎とフィリップはその風都で鳴海探偵事務所に所属する私立探偵である。「街を泣かせる悪党は許さない」という二人の元に、今日も数々の超常的な事件が持ち込まれる…! 平成仮面ライダーシリーズ最高傑作との呼び声も高い『仮面ライダーW』が漫画に舞台を移して再始動!! これで決まりだ!</p><hr><p>A mysterious woman claiming to be a witch steals a valuable bag from a man and claims that he can’t satisfy her before vanishing into thin air. Having run across her himself, Shotaro, along with his trusted partner Philip take the case, but quickly find that things aren’t right in Fuuto, starting a new battle for the two-in-one detective Kamen Rider W.</p><p>The series is a direct sequel of the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider W. In terms of continuity, considering the whole plot of the series and its tie-in movies and specials it was set after the events of the two Kamen Rider W Returns Specials.</p>

The Girl From Random Chatting! Chapter 247
Comedy Romance Shounen School Life Drama

<p>랜덤채팅만 하던 준우에게 온 기적! 과연 그녀에게 다가갈수 있을까?</p><hr><p>If you lived through – or are still living through – high school, you can relate to Joon-Woo. An outcast and a loner, his only joy comes from the hours he spends on his phone, randomly chatting with strangers. It’s all weird and meaningless, until Joon-Woo strikes gold – as he’s matched in a private chat with a pretty young girl his age. Jackpot! But when he discovers that this same pretty girl is actually his classmate Seung Ah, things get a little too real for a guy who’s never even remotely been kissed.</p>

Amina Of The Lamp Chapter 136
Fantasy Romance Mystery Supernatural Shoujo

<p>마법사의 도시 파즈가 쿠테타로 인해 멸망하는 날, 시간을 되돌리려고 하다가 램프에 갇혀버린 최후의 마법사 아미나. 그렇게 300여년이 흘러 파즈 군사령관 자카르에 의해 깨어난다. 소원을 다 들어주면 램프로 돌아가야만 하는 그녀와 ..</p><hr><p>What can you do with three wishes?<br> Amina, one of the last wizards, loses her loved ones when her palace comes under attack. Trying to turn back time to save them, she gets stuck inside a lamp. 300 years later, Jakard, a military commander, wakes her up. He has three wishes before Amina returns to the lamp. What will he wish for?</p>

Kagonashi Reijou No Chiisana Mura ~Saa, Ryouchi Unei Wo Hajimemashou!~ Chapter 24
Fantasy Romance Slice of Life Shoujo

<p>転生先はゲーム世界の悪役令嬢――<br> 追放に怯えず、領地運営して好きに生きちゃいます!</p><p>乙女ゲームの悪役令嬢に転生したツェリシナ。<br> 婚約者である王太子は、誰もが神々や精霊から加護を授かるこの世界で「加護なし令嬢」の自分を大切にしてくれるけど、いずれヒロインと結ばれて婚約破棄されることは転生前に知っている。<br> むしろ二人が結ばれないと、待ち受けているのは処刑される運命で……。</p><hr><p>I reincarnated as the villainess in a game world— I’m not afraid of banishment, I’ll manage my territory and live as I like!</p><p>I reincarnated as Celistina, the villainess of an otome game. As the fiancée of the crown prince, in this world where everyone is gifted with blessings by the gods and spirits, I’m the “young lady without a blessing.” As a result of being a fan of the game, I know that the crown prince will be with the heroine sooner or later, and he will break our engagement. Alternatively, if they don’t end up together, I will be executed…</p>

Nageki No Bourei Wa Intai Shitai – Saijiyaku Hanta Ni Yoru Saikiyou Patei Ikusei Jutsu Chapter 34.2
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Romance Seinen

<p>富と名誉、力と栄光を求め、危険を顧みず世界各地の宝物殿を探索するトレジャーハンター達の黄金時代。<br> 「トレジャーハンターになろうぜ」幼馴染みたちと最強の英雄になる誓いを立てたクライ・アンドリヒだったが、クライには何一つ才能がなかった…。<br> にもかかわらず、なぜか周りからの評価が異様に高く、期待だけが跳ね上がっていく日々。<br> 人間離れした幼馴染みたちが大暴れするたび、上がっていくのは土下座スキル!?<br> 大人気の勘違いコミカルファンタジーがついにコミカライズ!!</p><hr><p>The golden age of treasure hunters who seek wealth, honor, power and glory, and explore treasures around the world without regard to danger.</p><p>“Let’s become a treasure hunter,” said Cri Andrich, who pledged to become a childhood friend and the strongest hero, but he had no talent.</p><p>However, the assessment of the environment is somehow high for some reason, and only expectations are jumping every day.</p><p>Every time a distant friend of the human race goes into fury, climbing is an ability to sit on the ground!</p>

Homeless Tensei: Isekai De Jiyuu Sugiru Majutsu Jisoku Seikatsu Chapter 39
Adventure Fantasy Action Romance Seinen

<p>路上生活を送っていた真一は落雷で死ぬやいなや、ダンジョンに転生していた…。ところが、何でも試してみる逞しい性格が幸いしてスキルを大量獲得、魔石も使いこなして地下迷宮とは思えない快適な生活が始まる!</p><hr><p>Shinichi Tanaka is a homeless man who is good at dumpster diving. Because he’s a pennyless bum, there’s no help for it. He’s going to try and pick up some trash to survive another day.<br> What is this?<br> Monsters and a Dungeon? In Tokyo?!<br> A homeless man finds himself suddenly reincarnated in another world. His second life starts now based out of a hidden room deep in a dungeon.<br> weird and turbulent adventure of a 56 year old homeless man who reincarnates into a different world.</p>

Watashi, Maou. Naze Ka Yuusha Ni Dekiaisarete Imasu Chapter 61
Fantasy Comedy Romance Shoujo

<p>王命により、仲間とともに魔王討伐へと向かった勇者オリヴェル。</p><p>あっさりと倒した魔王の正体は見目麗しき美少女・セシリアで、<br> なんとオリヴェルは初恋にして一目惚れし、<br> 仲間の制止も構わずそのまま自宅へとお持ち帰り!</p><p>ひらすらセシリアを甘やかしまくるオリヴェルだが、<br> 残念ながらそんなの思いは1ミリも届かず。<br> 勇者と魔王の心が通じ合う日は来るのだろうか…!?</p><hr><p>By the order of the king, Oliver and his comrades head toward the demon king to subjugate him.</p><p>The true identity of the easily defeated demon king is a beautiful girl, Cecilia. Oliver falls in love at first sight, and despite his comrades’ objections, he just took her home with him!</p><p>Oliver spoils Cecilia at every turn, but unfortunately, not a single one of his thoughts has reached her.<br> Will there ever be a day where the hearts of the hero and the demon queen align…?!</p>

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto – Maomao No Koukyuu Nazotoki Techou Chapter 59.2
Romance Slice of Life Seinen Drama Mystery Historical

<p>宮中に名探偵誕生!?<br> “小説家になろう”発のヒーロー文庫の大人気タイトル「薬屋のひとりごと」をコミカライズ!<br> 中世の宮中で下働きをする少女・猫猫(マオマオ)。花街で薬師をやっていた彼女が、帝の御子たちが皆短命であるこという噂を聞いてしまったところから、物語は動き始める。<br> 持ち前の好奇心と知識欲に突き動かされ、興味本位でその原因を調べ始める元薬屋の少女・猫猫(マオマオ)の好奇心が、宮中を動かす──…!?</p><hr><p>In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman doctor/pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor’s children’s lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young doctor/pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is shifting in the imperial court..!?</p>

Isekai Craft Gurashi Jiyu Kimamana Seisan Shoku No Honobono Slow Life Chapter 10.2
Fantasy Comedy Romance Slice of Life Isekai


Yuusha Party O Oida Sareta Kiyou Binbou Chapter 15.3
Fantasy Action Comedy Romance

<p>「器用貧乏」は罪なのか!?<br> ソツなくガンバってきたのに戦力外通告!!</p><p>勇者パーティに所属しているオルンは、ある日突然<br> パーティリーダーから告げられる。</p><p>「実力不足だからパーティを抜けろ」</p><p>と。</p><p>さらに、他の仲間からは「器用貧乏」と罵られるオルン。<br> 確かに、全てが平均的で突出した能力はない。<br> だが、ソツなく器用にこなしていたし、何より皆には<br> 一番尽くしていたはずなのに…!?</p><p>失意のオルンは、ソロでの活動を開始する。<br> しかしその胸には、究極の「器用貧乏」ーー “万能者”になる野心が秘められていた。</p>

Danzaisareta Akuyaku Reijou Wa, Gyakkou Shite Kanpeki Na Akujo Wo Mezasu Chapter 6
Fantasy Romance Josei

<p>王太子の婚約者だったはずが、異母妹・フェルミナの策略により娼館へと売られてしまった公爵令嬢・クラウディア。<br> このまま終わるわけにはいかないという一心で娼館のナンバーワンに上りつめるも、病死してし</p>

Seirei Gensouki Chapter 44
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Harem Romance Shounen Drama

<p>幼い頃に初恋の少女と大切な約束を交わした天川春人。しかしそれは、少女の失踪と自身の身に起こった事故により、果たされることはなかった。そして【天川春人】だった青年は、異世界のスラムで生きる孤児の少年【リオ】へと転生し――!? 前世と現世が交錯する大人気異世界転生ファンタジー、待望の新コミカライズ!</p><hr><p>Amakawa Haruto is a young man who died before reuniting with his childhood friend who disappeared five years ago. Rio is a boy living in the slums who wants revenge for his mother who was murdered in front of him when he was five years old.<br> Earth and another world. Two people with completely different backgrounds and values. For some reason, the memories and personality of Haruto who should’ve died is resurrected in Rio’s body. As the two are confused over their memories and personalities fusing together, Rio (Haruto) decides to live in this new world.<br> Along with Haruto’s memories, Rio awakens an unknown special power, and it seems that if he uses it well, he can live a better life. But before that, Rio encountered a kidnapping that turns out to involve two princesses of the Bertram Kingdom that he lives in.</p>

Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-San Chapter 113
Ecchi ECCHI Comedy Romance Shounen School Life Psychological

<p>憎たらしいけど愛おしい。苦しいのに傍にいたい。あなたの中の何かが目覚める、“Sデレ少女”の物語。</p><hr><p>Our nameless—and spineless—hero (only known as “Senpai”) is a second year high school student and loner who spends his afternoons at the Arts Club room. He attracts the attention of one of his schoolmates, a sadistic freshman girl named Nagatoro. However, in between the bullying and teasing, something else begins to blossom. A lovey dovey(…?) story between a shy nerd and an S-Dere (Sadistic Tsundere) begins.</p>

Elkon! ~Bocchi Elf No Konkatsu Nikki~ Chapter 19.2
Fantasy Comedy Romance Slice of Life

<p>エルフ族のエルフィーは仕事に追われる日々を送っているため、私生活では友達が減っていき彼氏もいない・・・そんな状況に限界を感じた彼女はついに不満が爆発する。「結婚したい!!」<br> そんな雄叫びを叫んだ直後、部屋に飾っていた花が妖精に変身する。その妖精がエルフィーに幸せになる方法を伝える。それは・・・「婚活をして、結婚をしましょう!」<br> 妖精のアドバイスを聞いた彼女は様々な婚活に参加していくが・・・<br> 果たしてエルフィーの婚活は上手くいくのか!?</p>