Isekai De Ane Ni Namae O Ubawaremashita Chapter 4.1
Fantasy Shoujo

<p>大学生の一花は、物置で手にした手鏡を通し異世界のセシルという少年と交流していた。<br> そんなある日、姉の華恋が突然失踪し、同じタイミングで手鏡も消えてしまう。</p><p>1年後、一花は偶然見つかった手鏡を手にした途端、異世界へと飛ばされていた。<br> そこにいたのは年上に成長したセシルと、なぜか一花と名乗り聖女となっていた華恋でー!?</p><p>姉に名前や思い出を奪われた世界で、運命を切り開いていく異世界溺愛ファンタジー開幕!</p>

Isekai Mofumofu Cafe Chapter 16.4
Fantasy Slice of Life Shoujo

<p>もふもふ達と、のんびり異世界スローライフ! 至高の癒しをお届けします♪<br> ブラック企業の会社員・有馬太一。<br> ある日の残業の帰り道、危うく車に轢かれかけていた白猫を助けたところ、<br> テイム能力とチートスキルを得て異世界に転移! 規格外のスキルで目指すのはーー<br> 「もふもふカフェ」のオープン!?</p><hr><p>Taichi Arima is overworked at his day job. One day, going home late due to working overtime, he saves a fluffy white cat from being run over. He gains a special “Tame” ability and is transported to another world. With such a strange ability, what will he do… Why, open a Fluffy Cafe, of course!</p>

It Was A Mistake, Grand Duke! Chapter 44
Fantasy Comedy Romance Historical Shoujo

<p>짝사랑하는 대공님을 실수로 납치해버렸다!<br> 이 일을 수습해 줄 테니 계약 연애를 하자는 대공님의 제안을, 덜컥 받아들였는데…….<br> “비비안. 키스해도 됩니까?”<br> 네? 우리 연애 시작하자마자 키스하는 건가요?<br> “키스하고, 그다음 진도도 나가고, 저랑 결혼하죠, 비비안.”<br> ……큰일 났다. 아무래도 대공님이 제정신이 아닌 것 같은데……!<br> 이 연애, 정말 괜찮은 걸까?</p><p>로맨스 판타지 인기작! 시세Sisse 작가님의 &lt;대공님, 실수였어요!&gt; 본격 웹툰화!!<br> 토끼 같은 비비안과 계략남 레녹스의 꽁냥꽁냥함을 웹툰으로 만나보세요!</p><hr><p>I accidentally kidnapped the grand duke I have a one-sided love for! I ended up accepting the grand duke’s proposal to have a contractual relationship in return for fixing this issue, but…</p><p>“Vivian. May I kiss you?”</p><p>Huh? Are we kissing as soon as we started dating?</p><p>“We’ll kiss, then we’ll take things further, and then let’s get married, Vivian.”</p><p>…I’m in big trouble. I don’t think the grand duke is in his right mind…! Is this relationship really okay?</p>

Zense, Deshi Ni Korosareta Majo Desu Ga, Norowareta Deshi Ni Ai Ni Ikimasu Chapter 10.2
Fantasy Romance Shoujo


Zetsumetsukigushu Hanayome Shiitagerareta Hime Desu Ga Ouji-Sama No Noroi Wo Hodoite Shiawase Ni Narimasu Chapter 9.2
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p>異能を誇るノーシュタルト一族で「無能」と蔑まれてきたエレナは、異母妹の代わりにロデニウム国の呪われた王子・ユーリに嫁ぐことに!<br> ところが肝心のユーリは姿を見せず、優しい人々に囲まれ、出会った狼に抱きついては癒される毎日だったが……この狼の正体がユーリ王子!?<br> 何故かエレナのキスで呪いが一時的に解けて、人に戻れるってどういうこと!?<br> 天然マイペース花嫁×狼王子の大逆転シンデレラストーリー!</p>

The Story Of The Hated Mule Chapter 88
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p><span id="freeText7880126499035042694">“이게 그 여자의 딸이라고?”</span></p><p>고귀한 아델하이트 여왕의 사생아로서 젖 떼기도 전에 버림받고<br> 천덕꾸러기 신세로 방치되어 자랐던 소녀 타라는</p><p>어느날 얼굴 한번 본 적 없는 악명 높은 서부의 대마법사 쥬다에게 보내진다.</p><p>타라의 후견인이라는 그의 비인간적으로 차가운 아름다움에 그녀는 압도되고,<br> 그와 성의 식구들은 여왕을 혐오하며 조그만 계집아이를 꺼림칙하게 여긴다.</p><p>허나, 소녀의 순수하고 애처로운 사랑스러움은<br> 냉랭한 불사의 마도사의 심장마저 녹여버리는데……</p><p>“애교 부리지 마. 여우 같으니라고.”<br> “왜 자꾸 나한테 여우라고 해요?”</p><p>“그 애가 설사 파멸이라해도 상관없어. 나에게 삶과 파멸은 매한가지니까.”</p><p>오직 한 소녀에게만 다정한 집착 냉혈 ‘후견인’과<br> 상처 많은 조그만 ‘아가씨’의 힐링 키잡 로맨스.</p><hr><p>“This is her daughter?”</p><p>Tara, the illegitimate daughter of the noble Queen Adelaide, was thrown away as a baby and raised by poor relatives. They sent her to a notorious mage in the west named Judas, whom she had never met before.</p><p>While she is overwhelmed by her so-called guardian’s impossible beauty, he and the others in the castle treat her warily, hateful of the queen.</p><p>However, the girl’s lovable innocence and pitiful nature begin to melt the immortal magician’s frozen heart…</p><p>“Stop acting cute. You’re like a vixen.”</p><p>“Why do you keep calling me a vixen?”</p><p>“I don’t care if that child is broken. To me, life and destruction are one and the same.”</p><p>A healing romance blooms between an obsessive and frigid ‘guardian’ that only shows kindness to one girl, and a little ‘miss’ scarred by her past.</p>

Princess Shuden Chapter 58
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p>몰락 귀족 가문에서 기사의 딸로 태어나 서글픈 생을 살았던 발리아.<br> 그녀에게 다시 한번, 기회가 찾아온다. 회귀한 생을 더 행복하게, 돈 걱정 없이 살기 위해 신전의 공녀가 되기로 한 발리아.<br> 제국의 제일가는 미남이자 최고위 귀족인 슈덴의 아내가 되는데…!<br> 슈덴의 공녀, 발리아. 과연 그녀의 운명은?</p><hr><p>Valia was born into a fallen noble family as the daughter of a knight and lived a sad life. Then, the opportunity of a second life comes to her.</p><p>‘Should I live like that again?’</p><p>No, she won’t!</p><p>Valia decides to become a temple princess in order to live a happier life without having to worry about money. But then, as a princess, she becomes the wife of Shuden, the most handsome man and highest-ranking noble in the Empire…!</p><p>But in the future, Shuden falls in love with a new woman from another world. Valia knows this, but she can’t get away from Shuden, who is in love with her!</p><p>Valia, Shuden’s princess–what is her fate?</p><p>“You are the only one in my life that I will love. If I break my oath…I will pay for it with my life.”</p>

Dear My Friend (Muso) Chapter 57
Fantasy Romance Drama Shoujo

<p><span id="freeText9030392620605395572">더 이상의 호구는 사절이야!</span></p><p>마리스텔라의 인생에서 주인공은 늘 친구였던 도로테아였다.<br> 마리스텔라는 도로테아를 돋보이기 위한 조연에 지나지 않았다.<br> 그녀는 위기에 처한 친구를 구하기 위해 동분서주했고, 친구의 행복을 위해 희생했지만,<br> 돌아오는 것은 오히려 배신이었다.</p><p>도로테아는 자신의 이익을 위해 마리스텔라를 죽음으로 내몰았다.</p><p>“우린 친구잖아, 마리.”</p><p>그리고 내가 빙의한 사람은 비참하게 죽은 마리스텔라였다.</p><p>“그러니까 양보 좀 해, 응?”</p><p>여전히 ‘친구’라는 이름으로 희생을 강요하는 도로테아를 쳐다보면서, 나는 다짐했다.<br> 절대 소설에서처럼 비참한 결말은 맞이하지 않겠다고.</p><p>“내가 아는 영애 같지 않네요. 마치 다른 사람 같아요.”<br> “더 이상 도로테아에게 호구 잡히지 않겠다고 마음먹었거든요.”</p><p>나는 마리스텔라처럼 착하지 않았다.<br> 그러니 이번에는 당하고만 있지 않아, 도로테아.</p><p>무소 작가의 로맨스판타지 소설 &lt;디어 마이 프렌드&gt;</p><hr><p>Oh Mari was a completely ordinary Korean woman until she reincarnated in the novel “My Dorothea” as the heroine’s best friend, Maristella Janice La Bellefleur.</p><p>Aware of the fact that the heroine, Dorothea, ends up betraying Maristella, which leads to her execution, she vows to do her utmost to survive and live her new life to the fullest!</p><p>***********</p><p>No more pushovers!</p><p>The main character in Maristella’s life was her friend Dorothea. Maristella was no more than a supporting role, and she struggled and sacrificed herself for her friend’s happiness, only to be betrayed in return.</p><p>Dorothea threw Maristella to her death for her own benefit.</p><p>“We’re friends, Marie.”</p><p>It was Maristella who died miserably.</p><p>“So make a concession, will you?”</p><p>As I watched Dorothea sacrifice her “friend”, I vowed never to have a miserable ending like that novel.</p><p>“You don’t seem like the person I know. It’s like you’re a different person.”</p><p>“I decided I would not be subservient to Dorothea anymore.”</p><p>I wouldn’t be as kind-hearted as Maristella. So this time I won’t suffer, Dorothea.</p>

Angelic Lady Chapter 100
Fantasy Romance Drama Shoujo

<p>안젤라는 나의 친구였다.<br> 가족보다 소중하게 생각했던 그녀에게 무엇이든 해주고 싶었고,<br> 시골 출신의 하급 귀족이던 안젤라를 결국에는 수도 사교계의 꽃으로 만들었다.<br> 하지만 돌아온 것은 배신이었다.<br> 그녀는 황태자비가 되기 위해 나와 나의 가문을 팔아넘겼다.<br> “… 꼭 이렇게까지 해야했어?”<br> “나는 네가 불행하길 원했으니까. 네 인생을 전부 뺏고 싶었어.”<br> 하지만 단두대 아래서 죽었다고 생각했을때, 나는 놀랍게도 과거로 돌아와 있었다.<br> “아, 안녕하세요, 저는 안젤라 비토라고 해요…..”<br> “네가 안젤라구나! 만나서 반가워, 다들 널 기다리고 있었어.”<br> 환한 미소를 지으며 다시 만난 그녀의 두 손을 맞잡았다.</p><hr><p>My best friend betrayed me! Born from a low-ranking noble family, Angela grew to be renowned for her beauty and grace, becoming the prized angel of society, all with my enthusiastic support. Yet beneath that glitz and polish, she was simply… evil. She used me and had me killed out of sheer spite in her quest to become the empire’s greatest woman. But unlucky for her, a magical gift from a dragon has given me a second chance at life. No longer blinded by her light, I’ll do all I can to stop her!</p>

The Youngest Princess Chapter 115
Fantasy Slice of Life Historical Shoujo

<p>The archmage who ruled over a magic kingdom.</p><p>One day, she was reborn as the youngest daughter of the empire!</p><p>“I’ll just play along and pretend to be a baby.<br> …But don’t you think you guys like me a little too much?”</p><p>They won’t leave her alone.</p><p>The youngest princess is tired today as well.</p>

Young Lady Is A Royal Chef Chapter 80
Fantasy Romance Drama Shoujo

<p>작은 기사 식당의 요리사였던 나는 황제도 두려워하는 권력가의 천덕꾸러기 막내딸이 되었다. 여비를 모아서 도망치려고 했는데……. 이상하다. “네게 미안하다고 하면 염치가 없는 건가.” “그야 내가 네 오빠니까.” “할애비와 산책해 주지 않는 거냐.” 다들 갑자기 왜 잘해 주는 거지? “너를 보는 놈들의 눈알을 죄 뽑아 버리고 싶은 건 왜일까요.” 도망치려는 나와 붙잡는 사람들. 요리만 했을 뿐인데 왜 이러는 거람……. [그녀가 예뻐 죽는 가족들 / 도망치고 싶은 그녀 / 여주 한정 머슴들의 등장]</p><hr><p>As a chef at a small knight’s restaurant, I became the nuisance youngest daughter of a powerful man who was afraid of the emperor. I tried to run away with all my travel expenses…</p><p>It’s strange.</p><p>“If you say you’re sorry, are you that shameless?”<br> “That’s because I’m your brother.”<br> “Why don’t you take Grandmother on a stroll?”</p><p>Why is everyone so nice to me all of a sudden?</p><p>“Why do you want to take out someone’s eyeballs when they see me?”</p><p>People who had caught me trying to escape.<br> I’m just cooking. What’s wrong with you?</p>

Tenisaki Wa Kusushi Ga Sukunai Sekai Deshita Chapter 16.2
Fantasy Romance Slice of Life Shoujo

<p>勤め先が倒産し、職を失った優衣。そんなある日、神様のうっかりミスのせいで、異世界に転移したうえに、日本に帰れなくなってしまう。仕方なくこの世界で生きることを決めた優衣は、神様におすすめされた職業【薬師】になることに。そして、あらゆる薬師のスキルを教えてもらい、いざ地上へ! 定住先を求めて旅を始めたけれど、神様お墨付きのスキルは想像以上で――? 転移先で加護あり、天職あり、トラブルあり!?</p><hr><p>&nbsp;</p>

Moshimo Kubiwa Ga Hazuseta Naraba Chapter 18.2
Fantasy Comedy Slice of Life Shoujo

<p>「ワンコインでおつりがくる、奴隷おじさんを買いました」<br> ひとりぼっちの少女・タニアは、<br> 落ちこぼれ奴隷のウィリアムをワンコインで購入。<br> 家族になりたいタニアだけど、「ご主人様」と「奴隷」。<br> ふたりの距離はなかなか縮まらなくて……?<br> でこぼこ可愛いふたりが織り成す、歳の差・身分差いっしょ暮らし!<br> 読み切り大人気につき、連載スタート★</p>

Hametsu No Keishisha Naikaku Jouhou Chousashitsu "Tokumu Sousa" Bumon Ciro-S Chapter 9
Romance Mystery Supernatural Shoujo

<p>ある怪事件と同時に国家機密ファイルも消えた。<br> 唯一の手掛かりは、事件当夜、現場で目撃された一人の大学生・戻橋トウヤだけ──。内閣情報調査室に極秘裏に設置された「特務捜査」部門、通称CIRO-S(サイロス)。<br> 「普通ではありえない事件」を扱うここに配属された新米捜査官・雙ヶ岡珠子は、目撃者トウヤの協力により、二人で事件とファイルの捜査にあたることに。</p><p>賭け事に命までも賭してしまう不思議な青年・トウヤは<自身の持つ不思議な力>で事件の真相へ迫っていくが……。</p><hr><p>Unusual incidents and investigations-can you see this trick?</p><p>At the same time as a mysterious incident, the state secret file disappeared.&nbsp;The only clue is Toya Modorihashi, a college student who was witnessed at the scene on the night of the incident.<br> The “Special Investigation” department, commonly known as CIRO-S, was set up in the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office in secret.&nbsp;Narabigaoka Tamako, a new investigator assigned here who deals with “unusual cases”, decides to investigate the case and the file together with the cooperation of witness Toya.<br> Despite Tamako’s worries, Toya, who is deadly, approaches the core of the incident one after another in a way that no one can predict</p>

Empress? Empress! Chapter 126
Fantasy Romance Drama Shoujo

<p>프리티나 왕국 백작가의 영애로 미모, 지성 모두 갖추고 있는 레아나에게 남 모를 비밀이 있었으니, 그것은 바로 전생을 기억한다는 것! 지금 레아나가 살고 있는 세상은 전생에서 읽던 책 속 이야기로 흘러 갔다. 책의 내용 대로 레아나는 황실에 결혼 제안을 받게 된다.<br> 레아나는 잠시 고민에 빠진다. 전생에서 본 레아나의 미래는 황제의 사랑을 받지 못하고 감옥에서 쓸쓸히 죽어갔으니까. 하지만, 고민도 잠시. 레아나는 이름 뿐인 황비가 되어 편하고 안락한 “백수 생활” 을 위해 결혼을 승낙하게 된다.</p><p>내 목표는 황제의 사랑이 아니라, 안정적인 백수 생활이야…!</p><hr><p>Ever since being transported into the world of a book she read, Leana has had one goal: stay on the emperor’s good side and avoid being sent to prison!</p><p>Sure, she agreed to marry him and become his empress consort for a pampered life of luxury, but she’s determined not to make the same mistakes as her antagonistic story character.</p><p>But for some reason, things in the story keep changing — new characters, unexpected events… Can Leana get this story back on track, or is she in for a plot-twist?</p>

The Villainess Behind The Mask Chapter 50
Fantasy Romance Historical Shoujo

<p>원수를 갚기 위해 백치 연기를 하는 대마법사 원하지 않은 결혼식을 치르던 날, 대마법사로 각성해 독살 당할 위기에서 되살아난 윈스티 가주의 자리를 노리고 부모님과 자신에게 패악을 끼친 사촌동생의 계속되는 공격을 막아 내기 위해 라이벌 가문의 공작과 계약 연인이 된다 백치 행세를 하며 한편으로는 가면을 쓰고 명예와 권리를 되찾기 위해 활약하던 중 제국의 황제와 얽힌 거대한 음모를 마주하게 된다</p><hr><p>A magician pretending to be a fool in order to get revenge.</p><p>On the day of her unwanted wedding, Winsty awakens as a magician after being brought back to life from being poisoned.</p><p>In order to stop the constant attacks from her cousin who wants to be the head of the family and has done evil against Winsty and her parents, Winsty enters into a contractual relationship with a duke from a rival family.</p><p>Behaving like a fool and wearing a mask, Winsty actively tries to regain honor and authority and comes face to face with an enormous conspiracy entwined with the empire’s emperor.</p>

Yubiwa No Eranda Konyakusha Chapter 21.4
Fantasy Comedy Romance Shoujo

<p>An Engagement ‘Love Fantasy’ that all started with a ring!<br> Daughter of the Countess, Aurora, attended an evening party. Despite attending, she wouldn’t talk to anyone and only stared at the embroidery on the various dresses.<br> Then she was suddenly hit with a single ring!? What in the world could this mean…?</p>

Cierra Chapter 28
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p>비슷한 이유로 태어나 비슷한 이유로 불행했던 공작가의 사생아 ‘시에라’와 황제의 사생아 ‘클로드’. 아무에게도 말할 수 없는 관계를 유지하던 두사람에게 불행이 찾아온다.<br> “다시 시간을 되돌릴 수 있다면, 다른 선택을 할 수 있게 해 줘”<br> 밀려오는 후회를 감당하지 못하는 시에라, 눈을 떠보니 그녀의 옆에는 클로드가 있는데…</p><hr><p>Cierra Elburke and Claude LeSpencer, both sharing backgrounds of illegitimacy, find refuge from the scorn of their family and society in each other’s arms. But when Cierra is forced to marry someone other than her beloved, she begs for another chance at life with a happier ending. Through the power of the “key” to the throne that is gifted by Claude, Cierra is given a chance to start over. Yet this time, she chooses to leave everything behind, including Claude, with hope for a better life. Has she made the right choice, or will this second chance prove more disastrous than her original fate?</p>

My Ex-Boyfriends Fell In Love With Me Chapter 111
Romance Drama Shoujo

<p>10년을&nbsp;잊지&nbsp;못한&nbsp;첫사랑&nbsp;구남친과&nbsp;원수&nbsp;같은&nbsp;구남친을&nbsp;한&nbsp;오피스에서&nbsp;만나버렸다.</p><hr><p>One office with two ex-boyfriends! What will be Han Na Bom’s fate…?</p>

The Great Wish Chapter 129
Fantasy Action Romance Drama Shoujo

<p><span id="freeText14591308899711789660">제국의 유일한 황녀 시에나 아르젠트 그녀는 태어나면서부터 모든 것을 가졌다. 영민한 두뇌, 극상의 미모, 우월한 재능. 장차 황제의 관을 쓸 후계자의 지위까지. 스무 살의 생일을 앞둔 어느 날. 그녀는 꿈을 꾸기 시작하며 수십 년 후 자신의 미래를 보게 되는데. 그녀는 신의 축복으로 예지 능력을 갖게 되었다고 기뻐하며 신께 감사한다. 하지만 꿈에서 보는 자신의 미래는 갈수록 이상하다. 시에나가 막연히 그렸던 미래는 이런 것이 아니었다. 반쪽 핏줄이라고 경멸했던 이복 오라버니의 반격. 자신의 절대적 아군으로 믿었던 어머니의 숨겨진 모습. 그리고 현실과 미래, 양쪽에서 시에나에게 막강한 영향을 미치는 남자의 등장. 그녀 주변의 모든 것이 급격히 달라지기 시작하고 그녀 또한 변화한다.</span></p><hr><p>Unrivaled looks, extraordinary skills, a clear path to the throne—Sienna Argent has it all. And now she’s even seeing visions of her future! Everything is set for her as the Silver King and soon-to-be emperor… So why has she suddenly grown wary of those around her? The mother she’s always seen as her ally, the half-royal half-brother she’s constantly shunned, and a man shrouded in mystery, all seem to play a hand in the course of her future. Is Sienna destined for a less than happy ending?</p>

The Reason She Lives As A Villainess Chapter 80
Fantasy Romance Historical Shoujo

<p>소설 속 악녀인 여주에 빙의해 버렸다 그것도 악녀가 회귀하기 전에 어차피 원작도 알고 있겠다 굳이 회귀한 후에 개과천선할 필요 없잖아? 이렇게 된 거 내 살 길 찾으며 원작이나 파괴하자 물론 내 방법대로 *** “지금 예의도 없이 그렇게 먹겠다는 거냐?” 후작의 말에 레시안이 심드렁하게 말했다 “옛 어른이 하신 말씀 중에 오는 말이 고와야 가는 말도 곱다는 말이 있어요 잠옷 차림으로 밥을 먹는 것이 예의 없다고 하시지만, 제가 봤을 땐 후작님도 딸을 대</p><hr><p>Some people would jump at the chance at a new life, but when Jeongyun wakes up after a terrible accident and finds that she has become Lecian Fucernien, a character of a cliche, romantic fantasy novel, it feels like she’s woken up inside a nightmare. Disappointed as she is, she quickly accepts her fate and decides to make the best of her new life. The good news is that Lecian’s character has a happy ending, but the bad news is that she’s supposed to die once to get it. Between foiling her abusive new father’s plans of committing treason, finding a way out of her engagement to the crown prince, and avoiding the strange duke who seems to be stalking her, Jeongyun has a very long to-do list. Will Jeongyun be able to adjust to her new life while figuring out a way to avoid dying a second time?</p>

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess Chapter 94
Fantasy Romance Drama Historical Shoujo Psychological

<p>역하렘 공략 게임의 악역, 에카르트 공작가의 하나뿐인 공녀이자 입양아 페넬로페로 빙의했다. 그런데 하필 난이도는 극악! 뭘 해도 엔딩은 죽음뿐! ‘진짜 공녀’가 나타나기 전에 여주의 어장 중 한 명을 공략해서 살아남아야 한다. 사사건건 시비를 거는 오빠 1, 2. 모든 루트가 죽음으로 이어지는 미친 황태자. 여주바라기 마법사와 충직한 노예 기사까지! ‘일단 가망성 없는 놈들은 바로 버리자.’ “그동안 제 주제를 잘 몰랐어요. 앞으로는 쭉, 신경 쓰실 일 없이, 쥐죽은 듯 살겠습니다.” 근데 왜 자꾸 선을 그을수록 호감도가 오르는 거야?! 악역 페넬로페의 미친 역하렘 공략 게임 생존기!</p><hr><p>Penelope Eckart reincarnated as the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and the villainess of a reverse harem dating sim. The problem is, she entered the game at its hardest difficulty, and no matter what she does, death awaits her at every ending! Before the “real daughter” of Duke Eckart appears, she must choose one of the male leads and reach a happy ending in order to survive. But the two brothers always pick a fight with her over every little thing, as well as a crazy crown prince, whose routes all lead to death. There’s even a magician who’s enamoured with the female lead, and a loyal slave knight! But somehow, the favourability meters of the male leads increase the more she crosses the line with them!</p><p>This is Penelope’s survival story, who’s been dropped in an insane reverse harem dating sim!</p>

Golden Change Chapter 212
Comedy Romance Supernatural Shoujo

<p>세상에서 가장 불행한 소녀 강유와 소녀의 불운을 막아주는 수상한 산신령 우암이 펼치는 판타지 세계</p><hr><p>Hong Kang Yoo has always been unlucky since birth to the point that even her parents passed away… On the verge of dying, she meets Woo Ahm, a mountain god. He tells her that if she doesn’t do something about her misfortune she will die. In order to be saved, Kang Yoo needs to make a pact with him.</p>

Yarinaoshi Reijou Wa Ryuutei Heika Wo Kouryaku-Chuu Chapter 18
Fantasy Action Comedy Romance Shounen Shoujo

<p>–after a combo of Detainment -&gt; Broken Engagement -&gt; Execution, I thought I was dead…</p><p>…however, Jill’s time got rewound to six years ago, when she was but ten, just about to be engaged with the Prince.</p><p>Jill, who knew what will happen six years later, was eager to change her fate.</p><p>The face didn’t matter–she would marry another man.</p><p>It was the young emperor of the neighboring country (who would fall into darkness six years later) who responded to her.</p><p>She was courted by the Emperor, subsequently kidnapped, and later stuck with him.</p><p>“I still have six years! If I manage to rehabilitate the Emperor by then, all will be solved! (Or so I would like to think).”</p><p>This is a tale of a returnee young lady whom was also known as the Battle Maiden, whom, as she avoided the Prince’s persistent courtship, got reunited with former subordinates, solve cases with physics, and became a real couple with the cursed Emperor.</p>

From A Knight To A Lady Chapter 74
Fantasy Romance Historical Shoujo

<p>가장 가까운 친우이자 믿었던 부관의 검이 내 몸을 관통했다. 다시 눈을 떴을 땐 적국의 귀족 레이디가 되어있었다. 낯설고 연약한 타인의 몸과 잃어버린 3년의 세월, 그 사이에 망해버린 나의 조국. 배신의 아픔과 정체성의 혼란으로 정신을 차릴 수가 없었다. 그러나 나는 결국 살아가기로 했다. 루시펠라 아이딘으로써, 검을 든 귀족 레이디로서.</p><hr><p>Estelle meets her untimely death as a valiant knight of the Kingdom of Ersha. But death is not the end for Estelle — three years after her demise, she finds herself reincarnated in the body of Lucifela Aydin, the spoiled and cold-hearted daughter of a count in the Empire of Jansgar. To her dismay, she finds that her country fell to Jansgar years ago, and that she is now betrothed to Zedekiah Heint, the son of a duke and her adversary in her previous life. Can Estelle discover the truth behind her death while attempting to navigate her new life as Lucifela?</p><p>The sword of my closest friend and trusted adjutant pierced my body…</p><p>When I opened my eyes again, I had become a noble lady of the enemy kingdom. In an unfamiliar and weak stranger’s body, three year’s time was lost, in which my homeland was brought to ruin. I was unable to come to my senses because of the pain of betrayal and the confusion of my identity. However, I eventually decided to live on as ‘Luciphella Aidine’, a noble who wields a sword.</p>

Hakoniwa No Yakujutsushi Chapter 26.3
Adventure Slice of Life Shoujo

<div id="novel_ex">交換条件は、神様の玩具になること。<p></p><p>妹を助けてもらった条件として、楠木ひなみは異世界へ渡った。その世界で「ポイント」を集めて、神様の役に立つことがひなみに与えられた玩具の役割。<br> 戦闘が苦手なひなみは、神様から加護をもらい異世界を生き抜いていく。<br> 幸い、珍しいとされる“薬術師”の適性があった。その力と神様の加護で最高級回復薬を作り、誰にもできなかった薬草栽培を成功させてしまったり。</p><p>そんなひなみが仲間と共に冒険をしていく……生産系の、ほのぼのがっつりファンタジーです。</p></div><div class="index_box"></div><hr><p><span>The exchange condition is to become a god’s toy.</span></p><p><span>Hinami Kusunoki went to another world as a condition to have her sister helped.&nbsp;The role of a toy that collects “points” in that world and is given to Hinami to help God.</span><br> <span>Hinami, who is not good at fighting, survives in another world with the protection of God.</span><br> <span>Fortunately, there was an aptitude for a rare “pharmacist”.&nbsp;With that power and the blessing of God, we created the finest restoration medicine and succeeded in medicinal plant cultivation that nobody could do.</span></p><p><span>Hinami goes on an adventure with his friends… A production-oriented, warm-hearted fantasy.</span></p>

Isekai De Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tame Ni Ganbattemasu Chapter 43.2
Adventure Fantasy Slice of Life Shoujo

<p>After various things happened, I got an ability from God and reincarnated to another world! While being watched over by my high-spec family, the superordinary me fully enjoyed other world life. Using the ability I received from God, I had a daily life of just fluffing and petting fantasy animals. There are some shady movements too, but while being led by the nose by God, I’ll do my best at various things with my cheat-like comrades!</p>

Nande Konyaku Haki Dekinai No!? Chapter 6
Fantasy Romance Shoujo

<p>伯爵令嬢のキャサリンはひょんなことから「小説の世界の悪役令嬢に生まれ変わっている」と気づく。このまま作中のヒーローであった王子レオナルドと婚約すると処刑されてしまう! 焦ったキャサリンはなんとか婚約が成立しないように動くが、レオナルドの猛アプローチと策略により、キャサリンの婚約破棄計画は空回りするばかりで…⁉ 破談をめぐるドタバタ異世界ファンタジー、待望のコミカライズ!</p>

Seijo No Maryoku Wa Bannou Desu Chapter 33.2
Adventure Fantasy Romance Slice of Life Shoujo

<p>どこにでもいる、ちょっと仕事中毒な20代OL・セイは、残業終わりに異世界召喚された。 …でも、急に喚びだした挙げ句、まさかの放置プレイ!? 小説家になろう発、20代OLの異世界スローライフ!</p><hr><p>Sei, a 20 year old office worker, is summoned to a different world after finishing some overtime work. But the person who had summoned her looks at her face and said, “This is not the Saint.” Instead, the other summoned lady is lauded as the Saint, while Sei is ignored.</p><p>Offended at being discarded without a second thought, Sei leaves the royal palace and looks for occupation, and she starts working at a laboratory where she makes potions and cosmetics. She uses her magic to grant people’s requests and slowly people begin suspecting that she is the actual Saint…</p><p>Can Sei enjoy her slow dreamy different world life without her saint title being found out?!</p>

Akuyaku Reijou No Tsuihougo! Kyoukai Kaikaku Gohan De Yuuyuu Sister Kurashi Chapter 38
Adventure Fantasy Comedy Romance Slice of Life Shoujo

<p class="acItem-summary">――――悪役令嬢が追放された後の生活。</p><p>イベントプランナーの沢谷友加は、激務によって一生を終えた。記憶ありで転生したのは乙女ゲームの世界、そして悪役令嬢のエリザベスになっていた。運命に抗おうとするも、エンディングとなりあっさり追放されてしまう。</p><p>しかし、公爵令嬢として暮らす窮屈さから逃れるには好都合! 隣国のノルティア教会にて、シスター見習いの新しい生活が始まる。辺境の田舎だから、前世の記憶を使って色々便利にしても、バレなきゃオーケー……?</p><p>城の怖い騎士団長が見張りだと言って勝手に引っ越してきたけれど、害がないなら、存在ぐらい認めてあげます。</p><hr><p>Event planner Yuka Sawatani‘s life ended as the result of overwork. Reborn into an Otome game with her memory intact, she becomes the villainess Elizabeth. She tries to resist her fate, but at the ending of the game, she is promptly banished.</p>