Ippon! Again Chapter 196
Comedy Shounen School Life Slice of Life Sports Drama Martial Arts

<div></div><div>中学最後の大会で結果を残せず、柔道をやめるつもりだった園田未知。</div><div>しかし、親友の滝川早苗と、中学時代最後に対戦した相手・氷浦永遠に誘われて高校でも柔道を続けることになり…?</div><div></div><div>今いちばん注目のスポーツ漫画!</div><div><p>リアルな女子高生たちが送る、ゆるくて熱い青春柔道コミック!</p><hr><p>After performing in their final middle school judo tournament, Michi and Sanae begin high school and walk in on Michi’s final opponent fighting to save their new high school’s judo club.</p></div>

In Another World Where Baseball Is War, A High School Ace Player Will Save A Weak Nation Chapter 28.1
Sports Isekai

<p>甲子園からの帰路、命を失った常夏太一。<br> 未練を残したまま死んでしまった太一が、行き帰り元の世界に戻るためには、<br> 野球で全てを決める異世界で弱小国家の人々を救う必要があった!?</p><p>異種族の身体能力を相手に、最新の理論に裏打ちされた技術で勝負を挑む――!</p><hr><p>Tokonatsu Taichi took the summer Koshien by the storm as a sensational ace pitcher, with a full arsenal of pitches including a 98 mph fastball. But on the way home from the game, the team bus suffered a tragic accident and Tokonatsu Taichi lost his life… Only to be transported to a new world where all international conflicts are resolved by a game of baseball. Unfortunately, the country he landed in was the weakest, and had seen gradual loss of its resources and people to neighboring countries. Can Taichi turn their fortunes around?</p>

Bungo Chapter 329
School Life Sports Seinen Drama

<p>少年野球チームのない町に育った石浜ブンゴは買い与えてもらったボールをブロック塀に投げ込む毎日。そんな「壁当て」に心血を注ぐブンゴのもとに、少年野球日本代表の野田ユキオが現れて、二人は予期せぬ対決へ…!! のちに中学校で邂逅した二人は、揃って超強豪「静央シニア」へ入団する──!! 甲子園のための甲子園を超える死闘、中学野球で、少年達の情熱が乱れ弾ける──!!</p><hr><p>In a town with no baseball team, young Bungo spends his days throwing the ball he received as a gift against a wall until Yukio Noda, Japanese representative youth baseball player, appears before him and an unexpected showdown ensues! After a chance meeting in middle school, these two enroll in Seio Senior where they struggle to make it to Koshien with everything they have.</p>

Tatsu To Ichigo Chapter 119
Shounen Slice of Life Sports

Aoku Somero Chapter 47


Catenaccio Raw Chapter 2
Sports Seinen

<p>サッカーに”全て”を捧げる嵐木八咫郎は中学最後の試合、天才・榊原旭に大敗してしまう。 高校サッカーにてリベンジを果たすべく、嵐木は鍛錬を積み続けるがー…!?</p>

Blue Lock Chapter 194
Action Shounen Sports Drama

<p>The story begins with Japan’s elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which prompts the Japanese Football Union to start a programme scouting high school players who will begin training in preparation for the 2022 Cup. Isagi Youichi, a forward, receives an invitation to this programme soon after his team loses the chance to go to Nationals because he passed to his less-skilled teammate – who missed – without trying to make the game-changing goal by himself.</p><p>Their coach will be Ego Jinpachi, who intends to “destroy Japanese loser football” by introducing a radical new training regimen: isolate 300 young forwards in a prison-like institution called “Blue Lock” and put them through rigorous training aimed at creating “the world’s greatest egotist striker.”</p>

B And Alive Chapter 16
Shounen Sports


Irregulars Chapter 53
Shounen Sports


Volley Volley Chapter 26
Shounen Sports

<p>幼なじみのソフトテニスペア、マルとカケル。<br> 性格は真逆、仲は最悪。中学最後の試合を迎え、ペア解散が迫る。<br> しかし、ここから2人の物語は劇的に動き始めた。<br> たった1人の相棒と、2人で強くなるんだ――<br> 心震える、ソフトテニス ダブルス物語。</p>

Face Off!! Chapter 7
Sports Seinen

<p>地上最速の格闘球技――ラクロス。国内のプロチームが存在しないこのスポーツでは日本一を目指し、有志の社会人チームらがしのぎを削っていた。社会人チームの一つ、「アブレイズ」は仕事や家庭の事情によりチームの人数が激減! 危機的状況に現れたのは経験ナシのド素人だった…!? 日本初! 男子ラクロスを熱く描く王道スポーツ漫画、開幕!</p>

Pingkong – Tabletennis Monster Raw Chapter 14
Action Shounen Slice of Life Sports Drama

Starting Gate!: Uma Musume Pretty Derby Raw Chapter 1
Comedy School Life Sports Seinen Drama

<p>A manga part of the Uma Musume Project by Cygames, a game and an anime. It follows Special Week, an aspiring horsegirl athlete-idol, as she transfers in to the Traincent Academy to follow her dreams. Visit the website at:</p>

Gurazeni Natsunosuke No Seishun Raw Chapter 6
Futari No Taisei Raw Chapter 27
Shounen Sports Drama Psychological

<p>Genius shogi player Taisei Amado has a secret…Kentaro Fukuda, the creator of Devilyman and Shinigiwa, brings his beautiful art to a shogi story that you won’t be able to put down!</p>

Red Guard Raw Chapter 37
School Life Slice of Life Sports Seinen

<p>川口南高校1年の佐藤由紀虎=ユキコはヘタレな自分を変えるべくサッカー部に入部した。エースストライカー高梁や、美人教師の美彩ちゃんとの出会い、はじめての試合、挫折と成功‥。大好きなサッカーと向き合う中で、ユキコはある“才能”を開花させはじめた! バカで熱いカワナンサッカー部の奇跡がはじまる!</p><hr><p><span>Yukiko Sato, a 1st year student at Kawaguchi Minami High School, joined the soccer club to change herself.&nbsp;</span><span>Ace striker Takahashi met with beautiful teacher Misa-chan, first match, frustration and success.&nbsp;</span><span>Faced with his favorite football, Yukiko has begun to develop a certain “talent”! The miracle of the stupid and hot Kawanan football club begins!</span></p>

All Right! Raw Chapter 27
Action Comedy School Life Slice of Life Sports Seinen Drama Mystery

<p>A high school student, Yohan Morisaki, cuts down the appearance of sweating as “wasted”. One day when I picked up the key chain at the station, I was invited by “Karibirou” to “defeat the monsters”. A high school baseball team that presents new values to the baseball world is here!</p>

Furo Run Raw Chapter 2
Comedy Slice of Life Sports Seinen

<p>A girls comedy with about bathing and running.&nbsp;A female college student’s nephew is invited by a friend’s Yui to “run now!” When she was about to enter a public bath, and is taken out for running without explanation.&nbsp;Believing in Yui’s words, “If you follow me, I’ll be waiting for something nice,” and you’ll run over using your body with lack of exercise.&nbsp;What is “feeling good” awaiting ahead?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Gt-Girl Raw Chapter 1
School Life Slice of Life Sports

Megami No Sprinter Raw Chapter 30
Comedy Harem Romance School Life Sports Seinen Adult

<p>Takase is the opposite of his brother. He’s weaker and struggles in school. He recently moved into his married brother’s house in order to receive coaching to improve his physical health. The coach, also known as the “Venus of Track,” is none other than his sister-in-law. The Venus of Track is researching and developing a new technique to improve male performance by testosterone management. In other words, manipulation of sexual desire. She has dubbed it “Absolute Obedience” and Takase must undergo it to improve himself. Takase’s life is in for a dramatic change…</p>

Pale Blue Dot – Battle Athletes Daiundoukai Restart! Raw Chapter 7
Ecchi ECCHI Comedy Shounen School Life Sci-fi Sports Martial Arts

<p>新作アニメーション企画進行中!<br> 90年代の各種メディアを席巻した『バトルアスリーテス大運動会』シリーズの完全オリジナルコミック企画が、2020年にいち早く発進!<br> 全太陽系最高のスポーツエリートが、大運動会最優秀選手の称号・宇宙撫子(コスモ・ビューティー)を目指し、白熱のバトルを繰り広げる、史上最高最大のSFスポーツアクションが今スタート!!</p><hr><section class="contentsBox firstSection"><div class="container"><p class="description"><span>The completely original comic plan of the “Battle Athlete’s Great Athletic Meet” series that swept through various media in the 90’s was launched in 2020!</span><br> <span>The best sports elite in the entire solar system, with the aim of becoming the title of the best athlete of the great athletic meet, Cosmo Beauty, develops an incandescent battle, the largest SF sports action ever!</span></p></div></section><section class="contentsBox whiteBg"><a id="backNumSec" name="backNumSec"></a><p></p><div class="container"></div></section>

Te No Hira Ni Ai Wo! Raw Chapter 49
Ecchi ECCHI Comedy Harem Romance School Life Sports Seinen Adult

<p>「じゃあ私、先生のこと好きになる!」</p><p>”海ちゃん先生“はへっぽこ男子バレー部の顧問。<br> しかしひょんなことから女子バレー部の教え子・<br> “森野アイ”の胸を揉んでしまう事件が!!<br> 周囲の女子よりも性体験が遅いことに焦りを感じる森野は、<br> 謝る海ちゃんに「もう一度ちゃんと揉んでほしい」とお願いする――!?</p><p>この青春、コンプライアンス超NG!!<br> 先生×生徒、二人の禁断の恋…開幕!!</p><hr><p>Katsutoshi Umiyama is a young teacher of 25 years who is designated as responsible for the men’s club volleyball school. The women’s club, however, is in the hands of the beautiful Maho Kawashima. When Umiyama accidentally gets too close to a club girl, Ai, the student does not seem to be upset, but …</p>

All Free! Raw Chapter 9
Action Sports Seinen Martial Arts

<p>柔よく剛を制す!それが柔道の神髄。確かにそうかもしれない。が実際は、戦う者たちの技の自由さにある!組手の速さ、展開の先の先を読む知力とスピード。それをこの小さな主人公が体現します!!</p><hr><p>Flexibility beats raw strength! That is the essence of judo.<br> It may be so. But in fact, there’s actually freedom of skill for the fighters!</p><p>The speed of Kumite and the ability to read the opponent’s next move before it happens…This little hero embodies all those things!!!</p><p>Meet Mifune Jun! A judo girl who recklessly and indiscriminately challenges adult men.</p>

Ao No Hako Chapter 74
Romance Shounen School Life Sports

<p>男子バドミントン部・猪股大喜は、朝練の体育館で毎朝二人になる、女バスの先輩・鹿野千夏に恋をする。青さが胸を衝く、青春部活ラブストーリー、開幕!! 続きは週刊少年ジャンプ本誌で!!</p><hr><p>Taiki Inomata is on the boys’ badminton team at sports powerhouse Eimei Junior and Senior High. He’s in love with basketball player Chinatsu Kano, the older girl he trains alongside every morning in the gym. One Spring day, their relationship takes a sharp turn … And thus begins this brand-new series of love, sports and youth!</p>

God Does Not Shake The Racket Raw Chapter 11
Comedy Romance Shounen Sports Drama

<p>事故で右手に怪我を負い夢を絶たれた、かつての天才ジュニアテニス選手・久我りょう。高校に入学し自堕落な日々を送っていた彼の前に、自分のファンだという少女・雨嶺かのが現れこう言う。「やってみませんか?もう一度、左手で!!</p><hr><p>A tennis ace aiming to be the 1st japanese grand slam winner has to stop tennis due to an accident. Then he meets a girl…</p>

Strike Or Gutter Raw Chapter 54
Ecchi ECCHI Comedy Slice of Life Sports Seinen

<p>畦道十華(あぜみちとうか)は潰れかけたボウリング場の跡取り娘。ボウリング愛はあるものの、恥かしがり屋で巨乳の彼女は人前でボールを投げることさえできず…!? 心揺れる、胸揺れる、初連載の新鋭が描く女子高生×ボウリングコメディ!</p><hr><p>Touka is an ordinary high school girl who loves bowling. Her father runs a bowling alley, she has a crush on her former coach, and she is a pro at the game.</p><p>The only issue is that if anybody watches her bowl, she becomes extremely conscious of her body and plays poorly. To ensure this doesn’t happen, Touka’s best friend tries to help her overcome her shyness while bowling.</p>

Shounen Sports Mystery

<p>全日本オープン決勝のグリーン上、プロゴルファーの火神一真は、優勝目前で落雷により絶命してしまう! 妹を残しては逝き切れない一真の魂は、そのとき持っていたパターに宿り、そしてそのパターを受け継いだ妹の火神リョーコは、兄のパター一本のみでツアー優勝することを決意する!!<br> リョーコはプロになるべく、ゴルフのエリートが集う名門・私立七十二(セブン・ツー)学園に入学。二人で一人の挑戦が、いま幕を開ける――――!!!</p>

Bukuro Kicks Raw Chapter 43
Sports Seinen

<p>Manga about blind soccer.</p>

Oritatabu Raw Chapter 24
Adventure Comedy Shounen Slice of Life Sports

<aside id="box2"><div id="box2-inner"><div class="hatena-module hatena-module-category"><div class="hatena-module-body"><p>春。自転車が大好きな女の子・鳴嶋ゆうみは、同じく自転車好きの少女・滝沢奈緒と出会い仲良しに。<br> 折り畳み自転車を通して彼女たちは交友を深め、かけがえのない絆を育んでいき……。<br> そして今日も彼女たちは、折り畳み自転車に乗って新しい世界に踏み出し、素敵な出会いに心躍らせるのです。</p><hr><p><span>spring.&nbsp;A girl who loves bicycles,&nbsp;</span><span>Yumi</span><span>&nbsp;Narushima, meets a girl who also&nbsp;likes bicycles,&nbsp;</span><span>Nao</span><span>&nbsp;Takizawa,&nbsp;and is on good&nbsp;terms&nbsp;.</span><br> <span>Through folding bikes, they deepen friendships and develop irreplaceable bonds….</span><br> <span>And today, they’re riding a folding bike, stepping into a new world and excited about a wonderful encounter.</span></p></div></div></div></aside>

Football Alchemist Raw Chapter 34
Adventure Slice of Life Sports Seinen Drama Psychological

<p>フットボール代理人―。選手に代わり、契約や移籍を執り行う存在。一つの移籍で天文学的な金額を動かす彼らの別名は”錬金術師”(アルケミスト)。 敏腕だが悪名高い代理人の先崎のもとでインターンをすることになった大学生、夏目リサ。大金と権力、複雑な思惑が絡み合う世界で選手のため、フットボールのため奮闘する代理人の姿を描く!</p><hr><p><span>Football agent-.&nbsp;</span><span>An entity that handles contracts and transfers on behalf of players.&nbsp;</span><span>Their alias for moving astronomical amounts in a single transfer is the “alchemist” (alchemist).&nbsp;</span><span>Lisa Natsume, a college student who has decided to do an internship with a talented but notorious agent, Maezaki.&nbsp;</span><span>Draw an agent struggling for football for a player in a world where a lot of money, power, and complicated thoughts are intertwined!</span></p>