Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi Chapter 48.1
Adventure Fantasy Action Harem Mature Seinen Adult Tragedy

<p>【癒】の勇者・ケヤルは、ある日【回復(ヒール)】が最強に至る魔法だと確信する。しかし、その可能性に気づいたころには、すべてを奪われていた――。彼は、世界そのものを【回復】して四年前に戻り、人生をやり直すことを決めるが……。</p><hr><p>“Healing magicians cannot fight alone.”<br> Keare, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others.<br> But one day, he noticed what lay beyond healing magic, and was convinced that a healing magician was the strongest class. However, by the time he realized that potential, he was deprived of everything. Thus, he used healing magic on the world itself to go back four years, deciding to redo everything.<br> This is a heroic tale of one healing magician who became the strongest by using knowledge from his past life and healing magic.</p>

Border66 Chapter 47
Adventure Slice of Life Sci-fi Seinen Drama Tragedy

<p>地球が変だ。誰もがそう思っていた。<br> 年々激甚化する災害。熱波、豪雨、大型台風…。地球温暖化を食い止める為、研究者・月村豊はジオエンジニアリングを推し進める。一方双子の諒と幾は身重な母・夕子と平凡な日常を送るはずだったのだが…。<br> 南極地震、そして上昇する海面。これは崩壊する地球と戦う双子の物語である。</p><hr><div class="sContent"><p>The earth is strange. Everyone thought so. Disasters that are intensifying year after year. Heat waves, heavy rains, large typhoons ….</p><p>Researcher, Yutaka Tsukimura promotes geoengineering to stop global warming. On the other hand, his twins, Ryo and Iko, were supposed to live a normal life with her pregnangt mother Yuko.</p><p>Antarctic earthquake and rising sea levels… This is the story of two twins fighting against a collapsing earth.</p></div>

Higanjima – 48 Nichigo… Chapter 339
Adventure Action Mature Seinen Horror Mystery Supernatural Tragedy

<p>彼岸島で繰り広げられた吸血鬼との戦いに敗れた人間軍。 雅の計画を阻止できず、日本は吸血鬼の国となってしまった。 それから半年後、廃墟と化した日本で一人、吸血鬼と戦う片腕の男がいた! その男の名は、宮本明。彼岸島で地獄を味わった戦士。</p>

Fukushuu Kansuisha No Jinsei Nishuume Isekaitan Chapter 38
Adventure Fantasy Action Romance Seinen Drama Tragedy

<p>Kousuke Kurono was an Avenger. After being raped, his beloved little sister was left out in the cold and froze to death.<br> From the time he was 13-years old, Kousuke made use of any possible means in order to exact his revenge. 5 years had passed, he achieved his revenge, but having lived solely for the sake of revenge, at the moment his revenge came to fruition, afterwards he couldn’t muster up the willpower to live on. That’s why, with the same knife he used to kill the culprits, he slit his own throat. However, he then heard a voice; “Is that not wasteful?”. When he came to, he found not his home, his country, nor his world——It was another world.</p>

Dead Tube Chapter 83
Mature Romance Shounen School Life Horror Mystery Adult Tragedy

<p>映画研究部に所属する業得学園2年・町谷智浩は学園トップクラスの美少女・真城舞に、ある日突然、声をかけられる。なんでも2日間だけ、24時間完全密着の撮影をしてほしいとのこと。同行する町谷だったが……!?<br> 実力派タッグが放つ戦慄の学園スリラー!!</p><hr><p>Distributing thrilling videos in secret!! A school game that puts life and death on the line!!</p>

Oshi No Ko Chapter 95
Comedy Slice of Life Seinen Drama Mystery Supernatural Tragedy

<p>『かぐや様は告らせたい』連載中の赤坂アカが“2作品同時週刊連載”を開始!横槍メンゴとの豪華タッグで描く舞台は芸能界!!</p><hr><p>A never-before-seen point of view on the entertainment industry centered around a cute idol heroine.</p>

Shounen No Abyss Chapter 110
Seinen Drama Mystery Tragedy Psychological

Fx Senshi Kurumi-Chan Chapter 16
School Life Slice of Life Seinen Tragedy Psychological

<p>Cute girls doing risky forex trading.</p><hr><p>ほんわかゆるふわJDによる<br> ちょっとアブナイ(!?)FXのおはなしが<br> ニコニコとComicWalkerで連載♡すたーと!</p><p>FXに興味あるみんな、読んでね!</p>

Manshuu Ahen Squad Chapter 108
Action Mature Seinen Mystery Historical Tragedy Psychological

<p>「満州で一番軽いものは、人の命だ」――。時は昭和12年。関東軍の兵士として満州にやってきた日方勇は、戦地で右目の視力を失ってしまう。「使えない兵隊」として軍の食糧を作る農業義勇軍に回され、上官に虐げられる日々を送るも、ある日農場の片隅で麻薬“阿片(アヘン)”の原料であるケシが栽培されていることに気づく。病気の母を救うため阿片の製造に手を染める勇だったが、その決断が自身の、そして満州の運命を狂わせていく…。</p><hr><p>A Japanese soldier in Manchuria meddling in the opium trade.</p>

Oujo Denka Wa Oikari No You Desu Chapter 26
Fantasy Action Shounen Tragedy

<p>最強の魔術師である王女・レティシエルは、戦争で命を落とし千年後の世界に転生してしまう。その世界で衰退した”魔術”に憤慨したレティシエルは、周囲を驚かす魔術の発展を促すのだが、やがてその行いが彼女とその周囲をとある事件へと巻き込んでいき……。</p><div class="spoiler display-none"><hr><p>The Greatest Mage, Princess Leticiel, lost her life in a war and transmigrated a thousand years into the future. Angered by the regression of “Magecraft” in that world, Leticiel set out to develop it, much to her surroundings’ dismay. However, her actions would soon get her and the people she knew involved in a certain plot…</p></div>

Shujinkou Janai! Chapter 20
Adventure Fantasy Action Comedy Tragedy

<p>“Reincarnated as a sub-character of a video game that I used to play!?”</p><p>After saving a girl and then getting run over by a car in the process, and “I” was reincarnated as”Rex” in a video game world. A handsome Rex with skills in all fields, but he is a helper character in the early stages. Tho Rex has a high level, balanced skill set and multitude of abilities…He’s useless in the later stages of the game!!</p><p>I decided in the face the fact that I’m useless in this fantasy world</p><p>So let’s relax by letting the main character of the game do both “saving the world” and fighting for his life against monsters”!</p><p>This is a story in which an ordinary person looking for a “hero” but instead becomes a hero who saves the world for some reason!</p>

Watashi No Keiyaku Kekkon Ni Wa Uso Ga Aru Chapter 12
Romance Drama Tragedy

<p>ブサイク、金なし、仕事もないという三重苦を背負った女性・門司ヨウコは、風俗の面接にも落ち、路頭に迷った挙句、歩道橋から飛び降り自殺を決行するが、通りがかりのパーフェクトイケメン・霧原鑑に助けられてしまう。<br> そして「死ぬなら僕と結婚しよう」と光速プロポーズを受け、結婚の条件として美容整形を依頼される――。<br> ひょんな事から何不自由ない幸せな結婚生活を手に入れたヨウコだったが、整形によって作られた顔には、“ある秘密”が隠されていた――。<br> 整形契約結婚の裏には何があるのか――!?</p>

Zomia Chapter 22
Action Seinen Historical Tragedy

<section class="ctsGRD-item">舞台は13世紀、モンゴルの侵攻に疲弊する金国の首都・中都大興府。元奴隷の少年であらゆる言語を覚えることができる語学の天才・ネルグイは、モンゴル軍が仕掛けた「史上初の空襲」によってすべてを失った。「自由が欲しければ戦え」親友バートルの言葉を胸に、ネルグイはモンゴル相手にリベンジを誓う。武器は「言葉」、相手は史上最強最大の帝国。元奴隷少年の、「知」で「血」を洗う歴史大河スペクタクル開幕――!</section>

Max Level Returner Chapter 198
Adventure Fantasy Action Seinen Martial Arts Supernatural Tragedy

<p>전 세계 1억 2천만 명의 인구가 사라졌다. [최종 퀘스트 완료 보상 ‘귀환’이 시작됩니다] 22년 만에 최악의 생존게임을 클리어한 윤상혁. 일일군단, 플레이어 중 최강자라 불리던 그가 돌아왔다. 그 누구도 받지 못한 보상을 통해 모든 것을 가진 채로. [가면의 군주, 귀환] 나 혼자 만렙, 나 혼자 풀템, 나 혼자 사이다!</p><hr><p>120 million people have disappeared worldwide.</p><p>[Final Quest Completion Reward: ‘Return’ Activated]</p><p>For the first time in 22 years, Yoon Sang-Hyuk cleared the world’s worst survival game.<br> He, the so-called strongest person among all other players, one who possess all reward items even the ones that no one else could earn, has come back.</p><p>[Return of the Masked Monarch]</p>

Kekkaishi E No Tensei Chapter 34
Adventure Fantasy Action Romance Tragedy

<p>By the time he opened his eyes, Kubota Tamotsu (34 years old) has been reincarnated into another world. Moreover, as a 6 years old slave with “Level 1 Barrier” skill. To surpass his limitations and become a powerful Barrier master Kubota begins a hellish training, full of obstacles and struggles. — From “Let’s Become a Novelist”, a new other world fantasy starts!</p>

Chikyuu No Ko Chapter 27
Fantasy Action Romance Shounen Sci-fi Drama Supernatural Tragedy

<p><span style="font-size: medium;">一般人と地球を守るヒーローが恋に落ちてしまった!</span></p><p>境遇・能力・経験。何もかもステータスが違う2人だったが、お互いに惹かれあい、認め合って、そして…!?<br> 惑星規模で繰り広げられる前代未聞の純愛物語。ここに開幕!</p><hr><p>A regular person falls in love with a superhero who protects Earth! In terms of circumstances, ability, experience–they are from two different worlds, but they get to know each other, support each other, and then… A unique love story on a planetary scale now begins!</p>

Hametsu No Kanojo Chapter 20
Romance Seinen Drama Tragedy Psychological

<p><strong>大切だから、コワシタイ。</strong></p><p>レイコ、カズ、ユカリは仲の良い幼なじみ3人組。家族同然の関係…とレイコは自分に言い聞かせ、カズへの恋心を押し殺してきた。いっぽうで、ユカリもまたカズへと想いを寄せていた。そしてある日をきっかけに、3人の関係は次第に狂い始めていくのであった……。衝撃必至の青春サイコラブストーリー!!</p><hr><div class="sContent">Reiko, Kazu and Yukari are three childhood friends with a good relationship. Reiko, the self-proclaimed older sister of the group, tells herself that they are like family, and throws away<br> her love for Kazu. As for Yukari, she also has feelings for Kazu. Thus, one day, the relationship between the three begins its gradual descent into madness… A shocking psycho-love story between young people begins!!</div>

Witch And Knight Survive Chapter 13
Adventure Fantasy Action Seinen Tragedy

<p class="subtitle">全てを失った騎士の、生存戦略&領土再興ファンタジー!</p><p>ある日、領主の息子・アグレディオスが長い狩りから村に帰ってくると、あのかつての喧騒が、笑い声が、消えていた。”禁忌の森”に住む”魔女”が原因だと知ったアグは、絶望を怒りで塗りつぶし復讐のため一人森へと分け入っていく。</p><hr><p>A fantasy about a knight who lost everything and his story of survival strategy and territory restoration!</p><p>One day, when the lord’s son, Agredios, came back to the village after a long hunt, the sounds of villagers bustling and their laughter were all gone. After learning that the “witch” that lives in the “Forbidden Forest” was the cause of their demise, his despair turned to rage and he stormed into the forest for revenge alone.</p>

Gantze Chapter 39
Action Sci-fi Seinen Drama Historical Tragedy

<p>The manga’s story begins when a peasant named Hanbē asks a girl named O-haru for her hand in marriage, but O-haru confesses that she is already thinking of another man named Masakichi from a neighboring village. When Hanbē seeks out Masakichi, he finds that Masakichi possesses a sword and the skills to use it, despite being a peasant.</p>

Le Cervin Chapter 16
Adventure Fantasy Seinen Drama Supernatural Tragedy

<p>『はねバド!』の俊英が贈る、“喪失と再生”の超巨篇ダークファンタジー!!<br> 山裾の国の姫・アルシノエが目覚めると、イリア皇国の侵攻から1か月が経っていた。あの日、母が殺され、邪竜が目覚め、国が焼かれた。“思い出を喰う狂女”の力で邪竜を抑えるアルシノエだったが、その代償に父との記憶を失ってしまう。<br> そんな彼女の前に、父を名乗る男・セルバンが現れーー 亡国の王と、忘却の姫君。“喪失”で繋がれた二人の、“再生”の旅が幕を開ける。</p><hr><p>A young princess of the mountainside country of Helentar, Arsinoe, awakens and finds that a month has passed since the day the Empire of Ilia invaded. On that day, her mother was killed, an evil dragon reawakened, and her homeland razed by fire. With the power of Sent Fuana, “Madwoman Who Devours Memories,” she is able to keep the dragon at bay, but in exchange she loses her memories of her father. Now a man claiming to be her father, Cervin, appears before her. A king without a country, and princess without her memory. Two people brought together by loss set out on a journey of recovery.</p>

Action Mature Shounen Sci-fi Adult Supernatural Tragedy Mecha

<p>平和に暮らす少女・真白たちの町に出現した侵略者ドミネイター! 人を人とも思わぬ非情なる所業に真白が怒りに震える時、町を守護する守人が目覚める!! 本格巨大ロボット・アクション、ここに開幕!!</p><hr><p>The story drags us into the daily life of Mashiro, a handywoman, who takes care of helping the people of the village. One day, the Dominantor Empire invades the region and captures all the women to make them their slaves. When her friend dies before her eyes, Mashiro, mad with anger, manages to wake up the millennial robot who was secretly residing in the village. It is now her chance to stop the thirst for uncontrollable power of the Dominator Empire. Soon, she is joined by other mecha pilots in this crazy quest to oppose an entire Empire.</p>

The Monster Duchess And Contract Princess Chapter 1
Fantasy Romance Drama Supernatural Historical Tragedy Shoujo

<p>Leslie’s life was always used for the betterment of her sister, Eli. After a failed attempt to extract the black magic within Leslie to transfer to Eli, Leslie knocks on the door of the monster Duchess and pleads for the Duchess to adopt her?</p>

Girl With A Knife Chapter 2
School Life Drama Tragedy Psychological

<p>치사율 100%의 인싸 희귀병 소녀 ‘사랑’ 누구보다 차분하고 두려움 없는 같은 반 소녀 ‘은조’ 두 소녀가 가슴 속 칼을 품고 세상을 향한 복수를 꿈꾼다</p><hr><p>Two young girls, Chae Sarang (“Sarang” means Love) and Gu Eunjo, dream of revenge for the world with swords in their heart.</p>

Kalsarin Chapter 1
Adventure Fantasy Comedy Shounen Tragedy Gender Bender

<p>최초의 무단가출 드래곤 아린의 좌충우돌 인간계 모험기!!! 대륙 중앙을 차지하는 거대한 산악지대 라르테아드 산맥에는 드래곤 중 가장 성질이 더럽다는 레드 드래곤 일족이 살고 있었는데… 평소 인간 용사의 모험을 동경하던 300살의 어린(?) 해츨링 레드 드래곤 ‘카르세아린’은 유일하게 알고 있는 형태 변환 마법인 ‘폴리모프’를 이용해 인간으로 변신하여 ​ 일족 몰래 무단 가출을 감행하게 된다. 인간이 된 아린은 용사가 되기는커녕 오크에게 쫓기고, 노예</p><hr><p>The first runaway dragon, Arin’s adventure in the human world!!!</p><p>In the Larteard Mountains, a huge mountainous region occupying the center of the continent, lived the Red Dragon Clan, the dirtiest of dragons…</p><p>A 300-year old child (?), who yearned for the adventure of the human warrior, turned into a human being using the only form-conversion magic, “Polymorph,” to secretly run away from home.</p><p>Instead of being a warrior, Arin is chased by orcs, sold as a slave, and became a princess. Here he (crossdresser) begins a tough adventure with a human body!</p>

Karina’S Last Days Chapter 2
Fantasy Romance Drama Historical Tragedy Shoujo

<p><span id="freeText2656668991318492060">가문의 후계자도, 귀여움을 독차지하는 막내도 되지 못한 어중간한 둘째로,<br> 평생 다른 사람들에게 가려진 삶을 살아온 카리나.<br> 그림을 그리는 것만이 유일한 취미인 그녀는<br> 자신에게 남은 시간이 고작 1년 뿐이라는 사실을 알게 된다.</span></p><p>그래서 교류도 없던 약혼자를 무작정 찾아갔다.<br> 그가 원하던 파혼 서류를 품에 고이 간직한 채.</p><p>“단도직입적으로 말하자면, 여기서 1년간 지내고 싶어요.”<br> “……미쳤나, 영애?”<br> “대신 파혼해 드릴게요.”</p><p>하지만 그땐 미처 알지 못했다.<br> 평생 가지지 못했던 대가 없는 관심과 애정을 그에게 받게 될 줄은.<br> 그래서 미련 없던 삶에 이토록 욕심이 생기게 될 줄은.</p><hr><p>Though gifted with an ability to bring her drawings to life, Karina Leopold spent her years in the shadow of her famous siblings, forced to be the good daughter her parents wanted. But when she’s told that a deadly disease will kill her in a year, she offers a deal to her fiancé, Milian Pastellio, with the goal to live the remainder of her days far from her family’s reach. Much to her surprise, their encounter proceeds to change them both in a way she never imagined…</p>

Mature Seinen Drama Supernatural Tragedy Psychological

<p>When people die, they end up in the Ministry of Death, where they must fill out the necessary forms (the paperwork doesn’t end at death!) to be able to ascend to heaven. Depending on the lives these people lived though, their application may not be approved by the employees of the Ministry of Death, and they may be sentenced to hell instead! Follow the daily lives of the employees as they judge and assist the dead in the afterlife.</p>

Fantasy Romance Drama Mystery Tragedy Shoujo

<p><span id="freeText7024290015426461496">골디나의 뒷골목에 사는 셀레스티아는 마법을 해체하는 재주가 있다.<br> 그녀는 쓸모없는 재주를 가진 자신 대신<br> 마법에 재능이 있던 소꿉친구 세렝게반을 뒷바라지하며 출세시켰건만,</span></p><p>“그 미친년을 어서 끌어내!”</p><p>결혼까지 약속했던 그는 결국 그녀를 노예로 팔아버리며 배신한다.</p><p>탈출할 길이 없어 절망하던 그때, 귀족으로 보이는 남자가 나타나고<br> 그의 증상을 알아본 셀레스티아는 거래를 제안한다.</p><p>“지금 앓고 있는 그 병을 낫게 해 드릴 수 있습니다.”<br> “…어디서 나에 대해 뭘 들은 거지?”</p><p>더 험악해진 남자의 얼굴이 무서웠지만,<br> 살고자 하는 마음으로 입증해낸 셀레스티아.</p><p>결국 그의 소유가 되어 따라가는데, 도착한 곳이 황궁 같다.</p><p>“앞으로는 폐하, 라고 부르도록 해라.”<br> “……폐하?”<br> “당연히 부르크 제국의 단 하나뿐인 황제, 반 님이시지 누구겠어.”</p><p>놀랍게도 남자의 정체는<br> 붉은 눈의 미치광이라 소문난 부르크 제국의 패왕이었는데…</p><p>얼떨결에 패왕의 소유가 된 셀레스티아,<br> 그녀는 무사히 살아남을 수 있을까?</p><hr><p>Celestia was in love and dreaming of a brighter tomorrow until, out of the blue, her fiancé cheated on her and left her for dead. Suddenly, she was alone with nothing. Enter the Emperor, cold and aloof with unlimited power and wealth. He was alone with everything. But now these two have each other. Her cunning and courage make her invaluable to him, and yet it’s the secret they share that makes them inseparable… and a target for those who crave power. Will their relationship remain professional, or will it become something magical?</p>

Ecchi ECCHI Adventure Fantasy Action Harem Shounen Mystery Supernatural Tragedy Psychological

<p>幻想一刀流の使い手・御剣家を追放されたソラ。 故郷を追い出された彼は イシュカの街で再起を図ろうとする。 だが、仲間の裏切り、冒険者資格の剥奪、落ちに落ちたソラをさらなる魔の手が襲い―。「小説家になろう」発のダークファンタジー復讐譚、始動。</p><hr><p>The Mitsurugi household was given the important task of guarding the demon gate by the emperor. Mitsurugi Sora, who was the heir of the family, was called on to take the trial ceremony at the age of thirteen. He has to overcome the trial in order to learn the phantom blade style that was passed down the Mitsurugi household from generation to generation. The other seven pupils of the same age who had taken the trial have all passed. And now only Sora remained.</p><p>His father, brother, fiancée, and a pair of siblings who have watched over him were all looking, as Sora’s trial ceremony solemnly began…</p>

Muhoutou Chapter 3
Adventure Action Mature Seinen Horror Mystery Tragedy Psychological

<p>20××年、政府は増え続ける凶悪犯に対し、試験的に流刑制度を復活させた。死刑に相当する凶悪犯62名が送られた島の名は、通称「無法島」――。家族を惨殺され、無実の罪を着せられ、この島へと辿り着いた一人の青年。あまりにも過酷な現実が、いま動き出す…。累計330万部超の大ヒットサバイバルコミック「自殺島」。そこでは語られなかった前日譚を描く、衝撃の話題作!!</p><hr><div class="sContent">A prequel to Jisatsutou. The Japanese government exiles convicts facing execution to a remote lawless island to fend for themselves.</div>

Rokudou Tousou-Ki Chapter 1.1
Action Sci-fi Seinen Tragedy

<p>挑戦者は戦い合い、殺し合う、「最強」を決める六道トーナメント。<br> チャンピオンは、富、名声、力、この世の全てを手に入れ、まさに世界の王様になる。<br> この世の金と熱狂の全てが集まる、世界唯一にして最高の娯楽だ。<br> ――そんな世界を支配する弱肉強食バトルに、ゴミ拾いをして生きのびる貧しい少年・縁が、「最底辺」から「最強」を賭けて挑む!</p><hr><p>In a world where humanity escaped underground to survive, En is an impoverished boy who lives off the trash of those more privileged than him. He spends his days in the slums, looking through a trash heap for the decomposing bodies of “losers,” those who were defeated and killed in the “Battle of the Six Realms.” To participate combatants have to undergo an expensive “body modification surgery,” and En sells these modifications, machines attached to their bodies that significantly increase fighting ability. Uninterested in the tournament and its champion, unlike everyone else, he aims only for a worry-free life. But one day, a chance encounter with a mysterious man shatters his reality and puts him on a different, more gruesome path.</p>