Jaa, Kimi No Kawari Ni Korosou Ka?

Well, Shall I Murder Instead of You?, じゃあ、君の代わりに殺そうか?, 杀君所怨, 杀君所愿

Authors : KURANDO Yukiaki

Status : Ongoing

Views: 4396

Genres : Seinen , Drama , Mystery , Psychological

Chapters: 14

Last update: 30 Sep 2022

10 /5 (0 votes)

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<p>【“グロ恋”マンガの 大ヒット作<br> 『今夜は月が綺麗ですが、とりあえず死ね』の<br> 榊原宗々による“グロ友”マンガ!!】</p><p>絶望的なイジメの日々から僕を解放してくれた君…。<br> だけど、君が現れてから新たなる地獄の日々がはじまったんだ…。<br> ねえ、君は一体、何者なの……?</p><p>信じられるのは誰…?<br> 戦慄の親友サスペンス!!</p><hr><p>The manga centers on Yūma Fujikura, a constantly bullied first year high school student. When a classmate named Ryō Ameri, nicknamed “Amelie,” helps him out one day, Yūma tells him not to get any more involved, or else the bullies will target Amelie too. In response to this, Amelie only tells Yūma that he would commit murder for him if Yūma wanted.</p>

Jaa, Kimi No Kawari Ni Korosou Ka?