Ossan, Yuusha To Maou Wo Hirou


Authors : Choco Curry

Status : Ongoing

Views: 297

Genres : Fantasy , Shounen , Slice of Life

Chapters: 44

Last update: 10 days ago

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<p>冒険者ギルドを退職させられたおっさんは故郷に帰る事にする。<br> その道中、彼は二人の赤子を拾う。一人目は勇者の紋章を宿した人間の赤子。二人目は魔王の紋章を宿した魔族の赤子であった。<br> かくして、勇者と魔王を拾ったおっさんの物語が幕を開ける。</p><hr><p>The old man who has retired from the adventurer’s guild returns to his hometown.<br> Along the way, he picks up two babies.&nbsp;The first is a human baby with a coat of arms of a hero.&nbsp;The second was the demon’s baby, who carried the demon’s coat of arms.<br> Thus, the story of the old man who picked up the hero and the devil begins.</p>

Ossan, Yuusha To Maou Wo Hirou