Six Princesses Fall In Love With God Guardian

六姫は神護衛に恋をする ~最強の守護騎士、転生して魔法学園に行く~

Authors : AKATSUKI Touwa (加古山)

Status : Ongoing

Views: 753

Genres : Fantasy , Shounen

Chapters: 57

Last update: 10 days ago

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<p>永きに亘り争いを繰り返してきた七つの帝国。<br> 天帝国の女帝・アルスメリアは戦乱を憂い、七つの帝国の境に『不戦結界』を張った。<br> 自らの命と引き換えに――</p><p>それから千年。<br> 伯爵家の養子・ロイドは若き慈母・ミューリアと可憐な妹のカノンとともに、幸せな日々を過ごしていた。<br> 彼の正体は、アルスメリアの護衛騎士・ヴァンスの転生後の姿だった。</p><p>新たな世界で主君を探し出し、今度こそ守り抜くため、カノンと共に世界魔法学園の入学試験に臨むロイド。<br> そこで出会った、各帝国の皇女たる7人の美少女たち。<br> この中に、探し人はいるのか!?</p><p>最高にかっこよくて、最高に楽しい異世界ファンタジー登場!!</p><hr><div class="row"><div class="description_text">Seven empires that have been fighting for a long time.<br> The Empire’s empress, Arsmeria, was worried about the war and set up a “non-war barrier” on the border of the seven empires.<br> In exchange for his own life-athousand years later.<br> Lloyd, the adopted son of the Count family, had a happy life with his young benevolent mother, Mulia, and his lovely sister, Kanon.<br> His true identity was after the reincarnation of Arsmeria’s escort knight, Vance.Lloyd takes the entrance examination of the World Magic Academy with Kanon in order to find the lord in a new world and protect it this time.<br> There, I met seven beautiful girls who were princesses of each empire.<br> Is there a person looking for it !? Thecoolest and most fun different world fantasy has arrived !!</div></div><div><ul class="social_ui"><li class="facebook"></li></ul></div>

Six Princesses Fall In Love With God Guardian