Tsuyokute New Saga

Be Stronger! New Saga, Стать сильнее! Новая сага, 強くてニューサーガ, 强者的新传说

Authors : ABE Masayuki

Status : Ongoing

Views: 659

Genres : Adventure , Fantasy , Action , Comedy , Harem , Romance , Shounen , Drama

Chapters: 97

Last update: 10 days ago

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<p>激戦の末、魔法剣士カイルはついに魔王討伐を果たした…と思いきや、目覚めたのは過去に滅ぼされたはずの故郷。そこでカイルは、永遠に失った大切な人々と再会する――人類滅亡の悲劇を繰り返さないために、前世の記憶を持つカイルが、仲間と共に、世界を救う2周目の冒険を始める! “強くてニューゲーム”ファンタジー、待望のコミカライズ!!</p><hr><p>The Demon King led his army of demons to wipe out the human race. The Hero, Kail, and his allies attacked the Demon King’s castle to defeat the Demon King. The Demon King is slain, but at what cost? Kail lost all of his allies throughout the war. Friends, family, lovers, comrades. All dead, and he is dying.<br> As Kail’s life ebbs away in the Demon King’s chamber, he notices a strange gem that the Demon King had coveted and approaches this relic to grab it; after an intense light glows, he is sent years into the past. After recovering from the initial shock, now in his younger body, he decides to avoid making the same mistakes of his first time through these years and to become stronger.</p>

Tsuyokute New Saga