Watashi Wo Tabetai, Hitodenashi

A Monster Wants to Eat Me, 私を喰べたい、ひとでなし

Authors : NAEKAWA Sai

Status : Ongoing

Views: 84

Genres : Drama , Supernatural , Shoujo Ai

Chapters: 25

Last update: 3 days ago

9 /5 (0 votes)

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<p>High school girl Hinako is living a quiet life in a seaside town, but she feels somewhat detached from her friends during the summer months when she is reminded of when her family died years ago. One day, she meets Shiori, a mysterious girl who reminds her of the ocean, especially when it comes to her translucent blue eyes, but Shiori soon reveals that she is actually a mermaid who has been looking for Hinako for a long time.</p>

Watashi Wo Tabetai, Hitodenashi